Hawaii in Contrasts – Diamond Head in Brown and Green

As you may recall, I visited Oahu in October 2008 and February 2009. As I arrived in Waikiki in February, one of the first things I noticed is how green Diamond Head (Le’ahi) looked compared to October. The following photos show Diamond Head in October and then in February.

Diamond Head in October 2008


Diamond Head in February 2009

Oahu-Hawaii-Feb-2009 329

So, why does Diamond Head look velvet green or dry brown at times? It’s due to difference in summer and winter rainfall levels.During the summer months of April through September, Honolulu only receives 22% of it’s annual rainfall. So, that means that during the winter months, Honolulu receives 78% of it’s annual rainfall. That’s a pretty dramatic difference and why we see Diamond Head wearing a her green winter coat.

Rainfall source for Honolulu per Weather.com.

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