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From my experience, anytime I’ve mentioned the restaurant Zippy’s to any Hawaii resident, their eyes light up. At Zippy’s, you’ll find the authentic local fare as opposed to the normal tourist menu items at the resort restaurants. So, what will you find on their menus? You definitely find a huge variety — from their famous chili to ox tail soup to classic plate lunches. Check out their menu items online for more details.

It’s actually a challenge to describe Zippy’s because even though it’s a chain, not all services are offered at each location. Some Zippy’s provide dine-in service as well as take-out, while others offer only take-out with some open seating. The Zippy’s locations with Okazuya service offer bento boxes and sushi as well as their standard take-out fare. All Zippy’s include Napoleon’s Bakery with pastries and cakes. Use their restaurant location drop down menu from this Web page to determine what services are offered at each location.

Zippy's Korean Fried Chicken and Mahi Mahi Sandwich

On a recent stop in for lunch at Zippy’s, Andy and I took a photo (left) of our meals. That’s a Mahi Mahi sandwich and a Korean fried chicken plate lunch with the standard two scoops of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad. We had this lunch at one of the take-out locations.

If you are visiting Hawaii on a budget, Zippy’s offers generous portions for a good price. For example, the Korean fried chicken plate lunch was $5.90 for the small portion and the Mahi Mahi sandwich was $3.50.

You’ll find Zippy’s all over Oahu. As for the neighboring islands, there’s just one Zippy’s outside of Oahu, it’s in Kahului on Maui. Zippy’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Have you dined at Zippy’s? What did you think? What’s your favorite Zippy’s plate?

  1. Hi Sheila, You are right/ Zippy’s is a local treasure. I found that the best cheeseburger in Hawaii is the one found at the bar in the Zippy’s at Koko Marina on Oahu. Didn’t know that Zippy’s even had a bar? Check this one out. The food off the bar menu is not the same fare as that provided at the take out window. The cheeseburger is hand made and has a special bun. Perhaps it is so good because the surroundings are so nice. It looks like you are eating in a green house….the draft beer also helps…..jerry

  2. Hi Jerry – well, no I didn’t know Zippy’s had a bar. I’m now making a mental note to try the Zippy’s cheeseburger at Koko Marina. Sounds like it’s worth a special trip out to Koko Marina just to try it. Thanks for your comment.

  3. I like Zippy’s but I prefer “L&L Drive In”.

    L&L is a little more “Greasy” than Zippy’s. (If that’s even possible) It’s not anywhere as nice inside and the service isn’t as good but the prices are slightly better and they have more locations.

    Zippy’s does have better chili.

  4. BTW – I LOVE Zippy’s & L&L Drive In.
    (Love it – Love it – Love it) I love eating there so much that I’ve gained about 40 pounds in the last several years. Mostly due to me over-indulging at places like Zippy’s & L&L Drive In.

    Darn You Zippy’s & L&L Drive In for being so tasty!

  5. Dave – I still need to try the chili. I know that’s what made Zippy’s famous, but I figure I can get chili at home. What I can’t get at home is fresh Mahi, chicken katsu, Korean fried chicken, teriyaki burgers, etc.

  6. I went for Zippy’s Famous Chili and added a side of Cornbread. It was excellent, and by the end of my vacation it stood out as really something different from what my tastebuds had experienced so far.

  7. Made the mistake of eating at Zippy’s on Maui. The food was cold in the middle. They get the food from Oahu and reheat it at the other islands. Soooooooooooooooo bad. Totally gross to expect people to pay for reheated food.

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