Warm Hawaii Fare News to Help You Escape the Cold


Have you checked fares to Hawaii lately? There’s some really good deals and I do mean really good deals. Take a look at this list that airfarewatchdog.com has compiled. Here are some of the notable round-trip fares to Honolulu (HNL):

  • Portland, OR – $285
  • Seattle, WA – $284
  • San Francisco, CA – $306
  • Kansas City, MO – $401
  • Madison, WI – $408
  • Hartford, CT – $424
  • New York, NY – $424

Just to reiterate, these are round-trip fares, not one-way!

lnter-island fares are quite reasonable as well. In fact, you can find one-way fares as low as $27.

It’s time to trade in your snowsuit for a swimsuit and thaw out in Hawaii!

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