Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for December 4th

* Lava is flowing towards Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. According to this KGMG story and video, a mile-wide lava flow is 0.25 miles away from being inside park boundaries.  The story says that hikers can make a six-mile trek to see the flow.  I’d advise that you not do that until the trail is marked. It’s very easy to get disoriented, dehydrated, and lost over fields of lava.  Please note that lava is still flowing to the ocean at Kalapana and this lava viewing advice is still accurate.

* Honolulu has plans to launch a bike sharing program in June.

  1. Yeah! – I’m trying to help her and her family plan a trip to see the new lava flow. Please post anything you can find about marking a trail to the new flow, etc.


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