Colors of Hawaii: Souvenir Ukuleles

Souvinier Ukeleles from the Hawaiian Ukelele Company

This photo was captured at the Hawaiian Ukulele Company in the Aloha Tower Marketplace in Honolulu. 

  1. I bought one of these on my first trip to Hawaii on the first night while walking on Waikiki. It was the red one in the middle. It was a hit at the hotel for the rest of the vacation. Then I had it in my house for years, until finally giving it away. These are wonderful souvenirs.

  2. @ Emma – I’ve been tempted to buy one myself. I’ve even thought of including one in a give away. The problem I usually have is not enough room to bring it home since I’m light packer.

    @ Keahi – a good combo, indeed!

  3. What is the asking price for one? If it’s over 50.00 dollars, I can’t afford one. I would like very much to have one though.

    1. Chuck — they cost about $20, but they’re really just for looks as they aren’t very good quality for playing. If you want a ukulele that sounds decent, you can pick one up starting at $40.

      1. Thank you Sheila,I do have a Lauren SU30, that my parents bought me for Christmas, which I do play. I was just wondering how much these cost, as I would like a blue one, for my wall. I guess my next question, is, where do I send for one, and is there a website, or e-mail addy?

        1. We took this photo from a ukulele shop at Aloha Tower Marketplace, but I know I’ve seen them in other places in Hawaii. I don’t recall the name of the shop.

          I did a quick search on Amazon and a blue ukulele for $21.99 came up on the first page of results.

  4. Are these colorful ukulele’s still available? If so, where can I find them? I need several for a church project, quality playing is not necessary.


    1. The store that sold those closed a few years ago. We don’t know if/where else they might be sold.

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