“Hawaii is more affordable and accessible – and as enchanting as ever.”

Maui Sunset

If you’re growing weary of all the political campaigning, then maybe you need a refreshing vacation campaign. The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) just launched a winter vacation campaign with the theme of Discover More Of Hawaii For Less.  Now, isn’t that a campaign we can all support?

You can find the central collection of these winter deals at GoHawaii.com/Value.  John Monahan, HVCB president and CEO, says, “The savings being offered mean the cost of a Hawaii vacation can now be less than a year ago.”  From my own observations, I’ve noticed that that the deals I’m finding now are much better than this same time a year ago. Many enticing perks like resort credits, free breakfasts, free rental car, and free night’s stay are currently being offered.  These freebies are on top of discounted rates.  Last year you might have seen one of those perks, but no more than one.  Now, I’m seeing most deals that offer at least two or three of those perks. It’s also worth noting that some of the discount offers are valid through March 2009, which is traditionally the high season.

Title quote by John Monahan, HVCB president and CEO

  1. The economic slowdown has Hawaii worried, rightfully, that it’s largest business, tourism, is going to go down.

  2. With tourism down just over 17% in August, they’re going to be offering some good deals to entice visitors!

    By the way, stop by my blog and look for the Mahalos and Kudos post. You’re been nominated! 🙂

  3. @ jim – I really feel for Hawaii and I’m hoping for less famine and more feast real soon!

    @ Angie – Definitely! The “upside” to tourism being down is that the deals become better and better.

    Thanks so much for the Mahalos and Kudos! I leave tomorrow for Hawaii and as usual, it seems like there’s never enough time available before a trip. I will try to continue the meme after I get back. If we go for 3 weeks without it, please nudge me. 🙂

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