A Hawaii Cruise Time Saver Tip: Skip the Rental Car Shuttle Bus


Taking a cruise around Hawaii is a great way to see the best of all the major islands in one week.  The only downside to a cruise is that you really only get to scratch the surface of what each island has to offer as your time is very limited on each island.  So, you really need to make the most of almost every minute when you come to shore.  (See my suggestions for what to do with only one day on each Hawaiian island.)

In the October 2008 issue of Budget Travel a reader from Arizona shares this savvy time saving idea in the 20 Tips section.

On our last cruise to Hawaii, most of the passengers rented cars to get around.  When we got off the ship, everyone else began loading onto the rental-car bus, but my wife and I hopped into a taxi and paid a small fare to get to the rental-car agency.  We were the first to get a car.  As we drove off to explore, we noticed a long line of people from our cruise waiting for their wheels.

Have you cruised around Hawaii?  Did you rent a car?  What do you think of this idea?  What other tips would you recommend?

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