Hawaii Vacation Deals and News for September 16th

There’s lots of news in the air today, literally.

  • Delta Airlines is restoring flights from Atlanta to Honolulu, Los Angeles to Kauai, and Los Angeles to Kona. These flights will begin in October.
  • The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau reports that Hawaiian Airlines, go! Airlines, and Island Air have added service and aircraft to replace the interisland seats lost as a result of Aloha’s closure. Travel around the islands will become even more convenient in the next few months as Hawaiian Airlines adds 36 percent more seats to its fleet with the purchase of four more 123-passenger Boeing 717 aircraft. The aircraft will be introduced into service at the rate of one a month beginning October 1.
  • Smarter Travel is reporting American Airlines and United Airlines have Honolulu airfare sales.  You must hurry as the sale will likely end today. 
  • United Airlines announced they will start charging $50 for the second checked bag.  Ouch! Stop with the fees, already!  I suppose this is just another reminder to experience the joys of packing light.
  1. United Arilines is charging extra for the drag those extra bags are putting on the aircraft and eating all of their gas! LOL! If they can justify it, they will charge it!

    I’m glad Delta has decided to restore some flights. Maybe United will think twice about the extra charges. 😉

  2. @ Evelyn – I’m really glad to hear Delta is adding flights too. Let’s hope that’s a sign that Hawaii tourism is making a healthy comeback, albeit slowly.

    @ David – Doesn’t it seem like airlines are desperately gasping for air (and $$)? I wish we knew what the solution was. Maybe mergers?

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