Hawaiian Hula and Chant Video Set on Kauai

I hope you’ll enjoy this hula and Hawaiian chant video.  I love that this hula was performed on a beach on the south shore of Kauai. What a gorgeous setting! 

The name of the chant is “Aloha Waimea I Ka Wai Kea” which means “beloved is Waimea in the white water.”  Here’s the video description:

Rough footage of Kumu hula (hula teacher) Kapu Kinimaka-Alquiza and her halau (hula school) Na Hula O Kaohikukapulani practicing “Aloha Waimea I Ka Wai Kea” on the south shore of Kauai near Hanapepe. “Aloha Waimea” is a mele (chant) that tells of the beloved white waters of Waimea in west Kauai.

It would be difficult to find a video of Hawaiian music and dance that is as authentic as this one is.

  1. Sheila:

    Wow, I really enjoyed that video – it was almost hypnotic. And I felt as if the grass were cool beneath their feet since the sun was behind the clouds during this video shoot.

    Watching it was wonderful and made me want to go to Hawaii even more now. I’ll have to set an intention to get invited to a major speaking event there. Wouldn’t that be something?

    Thanks for sharing this video and many photos in previous posts. They are always so beautiful and inspiring. I’m grateful to have found this blog and you so long ago.


  2. WOW that was AMAZING!
    The Luau we attended only hit a few moments on each dance, it was refreshing to see a dance so long & so well performed!
    THANK you for this opportunity!

    Lauri in Shady Cove

  3. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you so much for your kind comment! You always find a way to inspire whether it is on your blog or in a comment!

    It is a beautiful video! We have the Hawaii Visitor’s and Convention Bureau to thank for filming and sharing that video. I’m sure they would be pleased to know that you wanted to go to Hawaii even more after watching it!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my eyes and ears open hoping for a speaking engagement for you in Hawaii!

  4. Hi Lauri – I’m glad you liked the video. I agree with you that the dance is very well performed. All the movements are in sync. It’s hard to believe that this performance is described as a practice session, isn’t it?!

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