Colors of Hawaii: Maui’s Velvet Green Iao Needle

Iao Needle

In my opinion, the Iao Needle is not to be missed when you visit Maui.  The scenery will have you gawking as you learn about the deep history of this mysterious place.  See my previous post with tips on visiting the Iao Needle.

  1. Beautiful shot. I was standing on the bridge just to the left of where the picture was taken when a local man pointed out an owl circling near the needle. He then told me the story of pueo, the protector owl.

    With credit to the story goes…

    It is said that Hina, the mother of the god Maui, gave birth to a second child, in the form of the pueo. Later, when the brave Maui was taken as prisoner by enemies and held for sacrifice, brother owl rescued him and led him to safety.


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