New Reader Reward Giveaway – First Class Upgrade Kit


Has all the negative airline news and cut backs got you down?  Well, hopefully a first class upgrade kit will pick you up.  It’s time for a new reader reward giveaway.  This time, I’ll be giving away a first class upgrade kit to one lucky reader. 

This compact kit contains:

  • Your own personal fresh fleece blanket
  • An inflatable 12″ x 16″ travel pillow
  • A fresh travel pillow cover
  • An eye mask
  • Ear plugs
  • Flexible and compact carrying case

The contest requirements are simple.  Here’s how to enter:

1.  First you must be a subscriber to Go Visit Hawaii’s free daily updates via e-mail and/or RSS.  Only subscribers will be able to see the secret message.  If you aren’t sure how to subscribe for the free updates, see these simple steps.

2.  Look for randomly issued secret messages near the bottom of the individual article/posts.  Multiple secret messages will be issued and each message you find can result in a new entry.  The secret messages will say something along the lines of:  “Go Visit Hawaii Tip:  Time to enter the contest.  The secret message is _______.”

3.  When you see the secret message.  Use the contact form on my about Go Visit Hawaii  page to send me your name, contact information, and the secret message

4.  All entries must be received before August 15, 2008.

5.  As a thank you to the nice bloggers who may blog about this contest, they will get an entry for blogging about the contest.  Please contact me with a link to your post. 

So, watch for the secret messages and good luck!

  1. “Personal” and “fresh” are two words that I never associate with a typical airline blanket. That makes the prize a winner on its own!

  2. Andy – yeah some of those airline blankets are reused many, many times. Who knows which end was up from the last passengers. Ew!

  3. I saw the contest notice again, the secret message is: EDITED TO REMOVE SECRET MESSAGE.

  4. Hi Joanne – I received your entry.

    To ALL – please don’t use these comments to enter the secret message because it makes the secret message visible for everyone whether they were watching for it or not. Please use the contact form on my about page for your entry. Thanks.

  5. I signed up for your email.
    I searched every post and found no secret message.
    I’ll keep trying…
    As I would love to win this prize pack as we will be making a 2500 mile round trip, on August 20, the 5th trip this year since all our family lives 1200 miles away.
    We have had stepfathers death, son in laws surgery, brought grandsons to spend the summer with our 12 and 16 year old kids. Now daughter is getting married, son is expecting his first child, and neices wedding. We will be driving this time. Hope i can find the secret message to win a awesome prize.
    Thank you for all the effort, time, and energy you have to provide us with the chance to win some awesome and much needed prizes.

  6. Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for signing up for Go Visit Hawaii e-mails.

    I’d encourage you to take another look at the posts. For example, look in your e-mail on the post about the imu ceremony that was posted just this past Monday.

    I wish you safe travels for visiting your family!

    Best wishes!

  7. My pc must be unable to detect the secret messages.
    Thank you for your effort, help and information.
    Good luck to all of you that found the messages.

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