Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for April 4th

Happy Aloha Friday!

  • I received notification that the Hawaii Superferry will resume daily sailings between Oahu and Maui starting April 7th. The ferry was scheduled to stay in dry dock until April 22nd. I would guess that the unfortunate demise of Aloha Airlines has prompted this earlier sailing. Special rates of $39 one-way passenger fares will be offered through June 5th.
  • It’s pretty easy to pack on the pounds on a Hawaii vacation, especially if you snack on too many chocolate covered macadamia nuts and drink lots of lava flows (pina colada with strawberry sauce). Fodors has a list of six excellent tips for warding off vacation weight gain.
  1. I had a friend who wanted me to pick up a Sink Da Supaferry bumper sticker but I could never find any!

    I wonder who will pick up ATA’s slack on Cali to Hawaii flights…

  2. Jim – the Superferry has been extremely controversial. Some locals I’ve talked to think it’s a good idea while others hate it. I think each side has valid points.
    Regarding who is going to pick up the Cali/Hawaii flights that ATA operated, I think we can safely rule out SkyBus. 😛

  3. I flew ATA on the way out there, I’m so glad I never got stranded…

    or maybe i wish i got stranded, I don’t know 🙂

  4. I really enjoy this blog because it reminds me of Hawaii… and then I really hate this blog because it reminds me of Hawaii. 🙂

  5. Jim – I’m so glad you comment here. You crack me up!
    I’d be thrilled if you’d ever want to write a guest post. (Hint…Hint) 🙂 Maybe something on Hawaii honeymooners do’s and don’ts….and one of the don’ts will be don’t leave a Starbucks cup in your car. 😉

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