Aloha Airlines Alert – Airline Closing Operations This Week!

Aloha Airlines is ceasing operations beginning March 31st.  for more information about the closure and timeline, see these articles:

  1. It’s crazy, after 65 years it’s really too bad… competition is always good. When I was there I just flew Hawaiian Airlines inter-island, probably didn’t help. 🙂

  2. I am sure the airfare rates are going to go up now that Aloha Airlines is going out of business. Maybe the superferry won’t be such a bad alternative after all.

  3. @ jim – now we all know it is you we should blame. (Just kidding!)
    @ Chris – Hmmm…you bring up an interesting question. Will Aloha’s closing help people warm up to the Superferry? When I was on the Big Island last week, I detected some mixed feelings about the Superferry. Most people seem to be afraid of the unknown.

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