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Have you ever taken a long flight and your nose gets uncomfortably dry.  I won’t get into the disgusting details and side effects, but let’s just say the dryness makes you wish you could pick the heck out of something.

Recently my sweet friend Eleanor told me she’d been using Ayr this winter to help moisturize her nasal passages.  She raved over it. She even thinks it’s helped her stave off colds all winter long. When she told me about Ayr, I immediately thought it might be something that would help me when I fly to Hawaii.

So, what is Ayr? It’s a saline nasal gel with aloe vera that “moisturizes and sooths dry, stuffy noses.”  It comes in a tube, individually wrapped gel swabs amd in a liquid spray mist form. See this link for more information on the various Ayr forms.

I found Ayr at Wal-Mart and it cost less than $4 for a tube. I couldn’t find the swabs in my local store, but they would be much more convenient for travel.

I put Ayr to the test yesterday as I spent about 13 hours in total flying yesterday. I applied it before I boarded my first flight and then again about nine hours later.  I think it really helped keep my nasal passages moisturized.  If you suffer from a dry nose when you travel, I’d recommend you give Ayr a try.

  1. Sounds like a great Aloe vera product. I have never heard of it. I love Aloe vera. I will have to go try and find some at my local store.


    Jason Berkes

  2. Hi Jason – I hadn’t heard of Ayr either until about a month ago. It really did help a lot yesterday. My husband also used it on a flight from the US to the UK when he had a cold and he said it really helped him as well. It seems that Aloe vera cures so many ills. I think I even read there is some kind of aloe juice.

    I don’t know what it is about the saline in the product that also helps with the healing. Ayr is advertised as being safe for babies, which is good. With the price being reasonable, it’s worth a try if you’re battling very dry air.

    Thank you, Jason, for your first time comment. I hope you’ll pop in with comments again!

  3. Sheila,

    Any good tips to help prevent a migraine while flying. Will be flying from the East coast to Honolulu. Thanks,

    1. Brenda – I wish I I did know how to prevent one. I almost always get a migraine within hours of landing in Hawaii after traveling from the East coast. Staying hydrated helps. I’m also more aware and ready now to take my migraine medication when I feel the headache coming on. Hope you stay migraine free!

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