Video of Current Lava Flow into the Ocean

Here’s fresh video of the lava flow to the ocean that was just loaded yesterday.

Isn’t it amazing?

  1. Come see it for yourself the show is running all day long right now with the best viewing times at the dawn & dusk times. Nice chatting with you Shelia hope to see you out while the rivers are caressing the sea.

    Heres a link to our recent boat footage shot around the same time piece.

    I look forward to sharing this trip with those who make it out.


    Captain Shane

  2. YES, that was cool! And quite vivid too.

    I’ve often wondered what happens to the lava when the cool ocean washes over it?

    I’ve seen underwater shots of lava breaking through the ocean floor. It seems to come out, hot and all (despite the cold ocean temperature). What happens, do you know?

  3. Hi Captain Shane. Thanks for adding the link to your recent video. The word ‘amazing’ tends to be over used and I must admit I’m guilty of over using it myself. However, amazing is the best description I can muster up when I see that video. What a blessing to get to see such a rare event. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to see it for myself next week. Mahalo!

  4. Hi Stephen – that’s a very good question. I found this CNN article written about the 2002 flow to the ocean.

    Here’s an excerpt:
    “When fire hits water, it creates some potent gases. When molten rock and seawater combine, heat from the lava breaks apart the salt in the sea water, which then reacts with the water to form hydrochloric acid, the acid that’s in our stomachs. And when sulfur and fluorine gases mix with water, sulfuric acid is created. Inhaling those gases can cause eye and skin irritations and make breathing difficult for some.”

    There’s also some information from the USGS on lava flowing to the ocean through a lava tube. Here’s the link to that:

    I know that certain types of lava flows create black sand beaches when lava flows to the sea. The sea water breaks up the lava into smaller particles creating the sand.
    Here’s an article I wrote about Hawaii’s black sand beaches:

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