Alert – Frisky Turtles Are in Hawaii’s Waters

image A couple of tourist on Maui captured a rare photo of two sea turtles, um, well, ah, um being amorous.  The two love birds, I mean love turtles, were observed at DT Fleming Beach Park in Kapalua.  The photo on the left  (courtesy Maui News) shows the happy couple.

Apparently, it’s mating season and the males will attempt to mount “any large object” in the water, including divers, swimmers, and snorkelers. 

George Balazs, a leader in sea turtle research, told the Maui News that

“Maui is a very fascinating and exciting place for sea turtles. If turtles are going to start mating in Maui waters, it could get exciting for snorkelers and divers, too. During breeding season — right now — “the males get a little wacky.

Now, I don’t think there’s any kind of major danger for snorkelers and divers, but it’s something to consider when you’re in the water.  Humorously, Balazs went on to tell the Maui News about the raging hormones.  He recommends that

swimmers and divers practice safe interspecies relationships and “be a little careful” when in the water with male green sea turtles at this time of year. They can’t help themselves. “It’s the hormones.”


Be sure and read the rest of the article for other interesting tidbits about sea turtle mating practices.  I promise it’s PG rated.  🙂

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