Maui Adventures in Kapalua – Hiking, Zipline Tours, and Kayaking

image Kapalua Resort in West Maui has added quite a few new activities for those looking for a little adventure on vacation.  There are new hiking trails, a new Outpost and Adventure Center with ziplining, and sea kayaking tours.  I think Kapalua is one of the most scenic areas of Maui, so I’m excited about these new activities there.

I’ll summarize the new adventure options here, starting with the free stuff.

Kapalua Hiking
Kapalua has some short, but very scenic and diverse hikes that are free to use.  Shuttle rides to the trailhead are complimentary from the Kapalua Adventure Center.  To learn more about the trails and schedules, click here

Mountain Outpost with Zipline, Rope Challenge, Climbing Tourimage
Kapalua has one of North America’s largest zipline courses with nearly two miles of line over eight different spans.  One of the lines (#3) is the longest and fastest, where the average person reaches a speed of over 40 miles per hour.  If zipping isn’t enough thrill for you, then for added adventures, there’s a ropes challenge course and a 38-foot climbing tower. Pricing starts at $60 per person. 

West Maui Coastline Kayaking
From a kayak, you’ll be able to see the island from a different perspective.  You start at Kapalua Bay and continue along the coastline going north to finish at Honolua Bay.  The cost of the tour is $70.  For more information, click here

  1. Hi Daniel – I am not aware of any place to zipline on Oahu.

    To zipline in Hawaii, you’d need to fly to Maui or Kauai. So, you’d have the cost of the flight. You can frequently find flight deals for around $60 round trip. Sign up for alerts on

    Another expense to factor in is that you’d need a rental car to drive to the zipline centers once you got to those islands. So, you’d need to factor in another $30 to $40.

    One of the better rates I’ve seen for ziplining is actually this new Kapalua zipline that’s located on West Maui. There is an airport in Kapalua (JHM). So, you might be able to skip the car rental if there is a shuttle. I’d recommend you give the Kapalua adventure center a call and and explain what you’re trying to do and see if they have recommendations to help you. Here is their toll free number: 877-665-4386.

    I hope this helps.

  2. I took the Kapalua zipline trip. The terrain was very unexciting and we weren’t very high off the ground. The best one I’ve taken was at Princeville Ranch on Kauai where the guides fill you in on the flora and fauna while you’re hiking from zip to zip. The runs are safer, longer and more thrilling. The open air ride to the trailhead is fun.

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