Maui’s Honolua Store – A great place for breakfast, lunch, and picnic supplies

Honolua Store in Kapalua
The Honolua Store in Kapalua has so much charm with it’s old wooden floors and friendly staff. The Honolua Store was built in 1929 and it originally served as a company store for the local pineapple plantation.

This store is the perfect place to grab some picnic supplies and take down to one of the amazing Kapalua beaches to watch a sunset. They offer everything from a deli, to grocery supplies, to Kapalua logo sportswear.

The store has a  deli offering breakfast and lunches. Highlights of the Honolua Store Deli’s extensive menu include Moloka‘i sweet bread french toast, burgers and tempura mahi wrap. Their new menu also features a variety of made-to-order omelettes, plate lunches, sandwiches, wraps, salads and specialty pizzas. For those watching their waistline, the deli offers a “create your own salad” bar. The deli tries to incorporate fresh locally grown ingredients such as Kula greens, Maui-raised beef, organically-managed produce from Kapalua Farms and sweet Maui Gold® pineapple.

There’s picnic tables on the lanai where you can sip your morning coffee and maybe join in with the locals to talk story.

Kudos to the store for using service items such as utensils, napkins, coffee cups and take-out boxes that are made out of bio-degradable, compostable material.

The Honolua Store is open from 6am to 9pm. Breakfast is served from 6am to 10am. Lunch is served from 10am to 3pm.

  1. This sounds like a really quaint and friedly place to stop in for a bite to eat. And I am glad to know they use service products that will not destroy the beautiful islands.

  2. Hi Debo Hobo – Thanks for your comment. I always like pointing out when businesses make efforts to do something environmentally friendly. I’m glad you appreciate those efforts, too.

  3. Hey Sheila,

    What would be your top 5 things to do in Maui (if you only have a week) in March?

  4. Hi Ericka,

    I’ve written about the top budget friendly activities here:

    You must not miss driving the road to Hana and sunrise at Haleakala.

    As far as paid things to do, I’d suggest a whalewatching tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation since you’ll be there during whale season. I also recommend a snorkeling trip to Molokini. I’ve had good luck with Trilogy. Here are some other good useful articles:

  5. I’ll throw in a good word for “Pride of Maui’s” Molokini snorkel tours. They did a good job for us recently. Be sure and go on a morning snorkel. Winds pick up in the afternoon and the boats often divert from Molokini to another location.


  6. Yeah, the afternoon winds can make for super rocky rides. I almost lost my lunch on the afternoon Molokai to Maui ferry ride once. Trilogy only goes on morning snorkel trips to Molokini and weather/water permitting, take you not only to Molokini but to another good snorkeling spot as well. We got to go to this great second point where we could see a sheer wall drop off that was unbelievable.

  7. Aloha! Just got back (a week ago) from Maui. WOW !!!! We ate at the Honolua Store. Food was good and we ate on the lovely porch outside. Got to write a few postcards while there, and slipped them into the store’s maildrop. The styore also has some lovely souveniers too, postcards, shirts, small gift items– stocked up on some!! As for what to do on Maui????? Well you came up with Haleakala sunrise (dress very warmly), and the Hana drive on its corregated road—nice, but right now few falls because of low rainfalls. You could also take in a luau, and if, like me who doesn’t snorkle, do the Maui Ocean Center–as the Travel Channel reports, it has about all the fish you could ever see in and around Hawaii all gathered up to see in a few hours, rather than weeks of water work, and at a cheaper rate! If you’re into it (and really, who wouldn’t be,) try parasailing. It’s absolutely glorious, a peaceful ride high in the sky seeing a good bit of the town you’re sailing from–waaaay too short a ride, I didn’t want to come down! Then there’s always checking out the beaches and waiting for the sunsets—- don’t go away after the sun sets, the colors get better in the hour or two afterwards, too. All in all , you can’t have a bad time in Maui. Did I mention the ease of getting anywhere? Only 1 road to each place–South, West Maui mountain resorts, Hana, Iao Vally, quite easy (for those who keep their eyes on road signs, not the scenery!!!) Enjoy!!!!

  8. Hi Joanne – I’m glad you enjoyed this little store and your trip to Maui!

    Thanks for sharing your insight based on your experience. What did you think of Maui as a vacation spot? (I hope it met your expectations.) Do you think you’ll go back again?

  9. I’m almost sure I’ll return. I may take a couple years, since My husband & I have a couple other trips planned (hoping the airlines are still affordable). Would love to do a cruise,or at least get to Kauai and the Big Island, and see some of those islands. If my husband had his way, we’d be moving there ASAP!!

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