Hawaiian Vow Renewal Ceremony in Waikiki on Valentines Day

Make plans to go to Outrigger Waikiki or Outrigger Reef around Valentines week and you can take part in a free Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony. 

The vow renewal ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, February 14th on Waikiki Beach near the Outrigger Reef hotel.  The offer is open to registered guests only and you do need to make advanced reservations Sign up for the ceremony begins January 14th.  For those holding confirmed reservations, contact the concierge desks to reserve your spot.  The numbers are 808-923-0711 at the Outrigger Waikiki, or 808-923-3111 at the Outrigger Reef.

Here’s how the ceremony is described:

OUTReef_VowRenewOutrigger’s Hawaiian Vow Renewal Ceremony draws upon an ancient Hawaiian custom, Ho’ao Pa’a, in which a man and woman were bound in lasting union. The event will begin with the blowing of the conch shell, followed by a welcoming Hawaiian chant by the kahu (priest), traditional hula and song. Couples will also be blessed by a gentle sprinkling of sea water before they recite their vows in the Hawaiian language.

In addition, each participating couple will receive a complimentary photo, commemorative certificate by which to remember the day, champagne toast and island-style lei (garlands).

Doesn’t it sound romantic? 

  1. I have always wanted to renew our wedding vows, but planned on doing it on our 25th wedding anniversary, a few years away.

    The Hawaiian vow renewal ceremony on Valentine’s Day is a great idea–mahalo for letting your readers know about it.

  2. That’s awesome that you are near your 25th.

    I think it sounds so romantic to renew vows on a beach in Hawaii. *Sigh* 🙂

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