Kapalua Ritz-Carlton to Re-open on January 7th

The final touches of a $160 million renovation are almost complete at Hawaii’s only Ritz-Carlton property. The Kapalua Ritz-Carlton on Maui is set to welcome back guests on January 7th per this Honolulu Advertiser article. Though the resort will re-open next week, the new spa won’t open until May.

So what sort of changes can the guests expect? First off, rates will range from $599 to $8,000. (Gulp!). That is a $200 increase over the pre-renovation rates. For comparison sake, the average Maui hotel room rate goes for $210 per night. The resort is clearly targeting discriminating and wealthy clientele.

The resort will put a new focus Hawaiian art and culture. Everything from room decor to plants will have more of a Hawaiian significance and less of an European feel. Per the Honolulu Advertiser’s article, “Hotel staff will be trained to explain the history, meaning and cultural significance of the items to guests.” I think most guests will really welcome that change.

So what do you think about these changes? Will you be planning a vacation at the Kapalua Ritz?

  1. Hi Cheryl – Can you believe it’s not a typo? It really is $8,000. It must be for a special suite or something.

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