Ka’eleku Caverns – A Window into Maui’s Distant Past

David, an avid Maui enthusiast, from Maui Online Guide introduces us to a glimpse of Maui’s volcanic past and takes us to Ka’eleku Caverns. Mahalo, David!

imageKa’eleku Caverns records a moment, frozen in time, from Maui’s distant past. A walk along its passages brings one face to face with Maui as it was long ago. A place where lava flowed from inside the earth and built the island we know today.

About 30,000 years ago molten lava flowed down Haleakala near what is now Hana. Along the way it formed the lava tube system known today as Ka’eleku Caverns. Lava tubes are made when flowing lava cools from the outside forming a crust or protective shell around the still red hot lava flowing on the inside. Over time these flows occurred again and again. Each flow left it’s mark, recording its passage as amazing formations that can still be seen today.

Ka’eleku Caverns is now a peaceful place where those traveling along the road to Hana can enjoy a tour of the lava tube, catching a glimpse of Maui’s long lost past. After a brief orientation guests are free to tour the mile of the cavern open to the public at their own pace. Printed guides help visitors identify the many interesting features of the cavern. Guided tours are no longer offered. After the tour, for those so inclined, there?s a picnic area and a one of a kind Red Ti Botanical Garden Maze.

Ka’eleku Caverns is operated by Maui Cave Adventures. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 10:30am to 3:30pm. They’re also open some Sundays, but call ahead. Cost is $11.95 per person, kids 5 and under are free. From Kahului, drive the Hana Highway to just past mile marker #31. Turn left on Ulaino Road. Drive 4/10 mile to the Caverns. Allow about 2 hours for the drive from Kahului and about an hour for the tour.

Ka’eleku Caverns is truly a one of a kind Maui activity and well worth the stop on the road to Hana. Where else can you go 50 feet underground and 30,000 years back in time?

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