Hula Pie! Oh my, it’s a great dessert to try in Hawaii!

Let me introduce you to a new pie that your taste buds will love! Meet the hula pie.

A slice of Hula Pie from Dukes Beach House is a slice of dessert heaven. The combination of macadamia nut ice cream on a cookie crust with chocolate sauce, macadamia nuts and whipped cream is deeelish!
A slice of Hula Pie from Dukes Beach House in Kaanapali Maui

What’s a hula pie, you ask? It’s a very generous serving of macadamia nut ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie crust. Then this decadence is topped with chocolate fudge sauce, whipped cream and more macadamia nuts. Sound good? Did I just hear your stomach growl? Or was that mine? 😉

If I remember correctly, the plate is about nine or ten inches in diameter, so maybe that will give you an idea of how big this dessert actually is. It is definitely very sharable for two or more people.Hula pie is so famous that the TS Restaurants even have a web page devoted to the pie with suggestions for how to eat it.  You can navigate to that page from this link.

When you’re on Maui, Kauai, or Oahu, I’d recommend you try one of the TS Restaurants where they serve the hula pie. Look for a Duke’s Restaurant or Hula Grill — which are just two of the popular names of TS Restaurants. They all have an open-air, casual, island atmosphere. Most of them have ocean front locations. They serve fresh island fish as well as beef and chicken dishes. All of the restaurants in the collection have great ocean views. We’ve personally enjoyed dining at many of the TS Restaurants located across Hawaii

If you plan to go to one of these restaurants for dinner, I’d suggest you book a reservation as these restaurants are pretty popular.

For more restaurant ideas for your Hawaii vacation, with the following link, you can navigate to our island dining guides.

  1. @ Debo Hobo – I agree! 🙂
    @ Kailani – I’m pretty sure they serve hula pie at all their Hawaii restaurants. I just checked their online sample menu for Duke’s Waikiki and they do have hula pie on the menu. It’s priced as $6.50 which is not a bad price for a dessert that big and that shareable. If you get to try it, please let me know what you think. FYI from this link you should be able to click on their ‘sample menu’ to see what else they serve:

  2. I even think that they serve it at their place in Malibu! Duke’s is a wonderful restaurant…their sister restaurant also on Kauai is Keoki’s Paradise that serves up some wonderful food as well! When you are are Kauai pick up a copy of the Kauai Menu Magazine. An excellent resource for all you dining, shopping, art, entertainment, activites and accommodation adventures. You can aslo check them out on the web at:

  3. Michael – thanks for your comment. I know I’ve picked up a copy of those magazines in the past. If I remember correctly, they are available at the airport near baggage claim.

  4. That is true…but they are also all over the island at various convenient locations as well as all Concierge’s desks, in-room at some hotels and villas as well as at most restaurants. One can also subscribe and have it mailed directly to your home anywhere in the world for only $10.95 per year (three issues) which covers the cost of shipping. We take all Major Credit Cards for your convenience.

  5. Unfortunately, even though the name of the restaurant suggests that Hula Pie should be on the menu, the Hula Grill does not serve Hula Pie. Their specialty is Ice Cream Sandwich which is a huge(3 person)serving of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two enormous brownies and rimmed with a raspberry sauce. But if you go just several steps over to the other restaurant that fronts on Ka’hanapali Beach at the Whalers’ Village, Leilani’s, you can order Hula Pie. Also at Kimo’s on Front Street in Lahaina. They are all part of the same restaurant chain.

  6. We just came back from Hawaii and we are in love with Hula Pies…. we are such fans that Leilani’s gave us a free one (our 3rd that week) and when we told the story to The Hula Grill they gave us a free giant ice cream cookie dessert and then when we told Dukes about it in Kaanapali they gave us another free Hula Pie… 5 deserts paid for only 2. 🙂 What an awesome treat to our Honeymoon.

    There is now a Dukes Beach House in Ka’anapali Resort in Maui.
    The Dukes in Waikiki is called Dukes Canoe Club and is the nicest one of them all.

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