Consider Water Conservation

Today is Blog Action Day which is a day for bloggers to talk about the environment.  The first environmental issue that popped into my mind is water conservation.  As I follow the Hawaii news, I often see articles about drought conditions and water issues.  This web site touches on how drought prone Hawaii has been over history. Hawaii isn’t the only part of the US with drought issues. Take a look at this current drought monitor map and you’ll see that many areas of the US are struggling.  I currently live in one of the areas designated in the most severe category, “Exceptional Drought”. 

Whether you’re experiencing a drought or not, it’s always wise to use water resources wisely.  I encourage you to review 100 ways to save water.  Just one of the top tips that I have implemented is that I turn the water off while I brush my teeth.  I was amazed to see that I can save 4 gallons per minute.  For a family of four, that translates into 10,400 gallons per year!  What water conservation tips to you have?

  1. Sheila, what a great subject to post on for blog action day! Thank you for the wonderful links to make all of us more aware and educate us on how to make the best use of this life giving resource.

    At home we have a little lever you attach to the front of your kitchen sink’s water spout, so when you are doing the dishes or something, you can easily flip the water on or off. I don’t know what you call it.

    During our seasonal droughts, we bring a bucket in the house to catch the bath water while you are waiting for it to heat up. You can use this water to water the plants or even to flush a toilet.

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