New Closures for the Ever Changing Hawaii Volcano

On July 21st a new volcano eruption point emerged east of the famous Pu’u O’o crater.  Lava has been pooling in the new area.  Due to emerging dangers with the latest eruption point, the State of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources has authorized and ordered a total shutdown of the entire Kahaualea Natural Area Reserve this morning. The purpose of the shutdown is “to protect the public and lives of those that would be put at risk to rescue lost or injured parties” per the official press release. 

The Kahaualea Natural Area Reserve is adjacent to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  It is normally open to the public and  contains hiking trails taking you through Native Hawaiian forest to views of Pu’u O’o. 

I captured the following photo of the latest eruption point from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory web camera at approximately 4:30 Hawaii time this morning.  To see a live photo of the new lava activity click herehawaii-volcano

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  1. Regardless people will hike out there. People like the two who had to be rescued just today ruin it for those of us who know the area very well.
    I was out there the first two days before they made the closure announcement. It’s such a long hike (18 miles rt) and the terrain up there is so bad few would go anyways.
    For those thinking of going up there anyways, you can’t get real close and there is only one decent vantage point. Don’t bother, it will shift to somewhere more accessible soon enough.

  2. Bryan – Thanks so much for commenting. Were you able to capture some good photos from the first couple days?

  3. Hi Sheila,
    I took plenty of good stock photos. Landscapes of an area rarely visited up until now. And lava over flowing the berms of the lava lakes. Only daytime shots since we decided to hike through the bad stuff while it was still light out. Normally I would stay out for at least the entire night but, it was a very hot and sunny day so our water supply was limited.
    In case your interested as to how I found your site, I have an alert set up with google to let me know when people post Hawaii volcano photos or updates.

  4. Bryan – I’m glad that you found GoVisitHawaii. I hope that you will check in regularly and add your insight.

    I bet you have some phenomenal photos of the volcano!

    I am a self declared part-time Hawaii volcano nerd. 🙂 So, I check in on the activity regularly. From what I can tell from the web cams, it seems like the night time photos are much more dramatic than the day time views. Were you seeing the same?

  5. Night time always seems more dramatic but, the daytime is just as active. Now the flow is burning a very large Kipuka. Next stop the fern forest.

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