Paris Hilton’s Hotel of Choice on Maui

So, out of curiosity, I speculated where the recently jailed glamour girl, Paris Hilton, stays in Hawaii.  My guess was the Grand Wailea.  Well, I was wrong, but I was definitely in the right neck of the woods.  According to The Insider, she’s staying next door to the Grand Wailea at the Four Season in Wailea.  Maybe she’s staying in the poshest suite there which offers 3,700 square feet of luxury on the 7th floor, not quite amount of space offered at the Grand Wailea’s 5,500 square feet suite, but still much larger than a jail cell.  🙂

7/5/07 Update: OK – Here’s another report of where she stayed and how she behaved in Maui.

  1. Paris Hilton is staying in a private residence in an exclusive neighborhood that has no resorts or hotels

  2. Interesting. Did she move from the Four Seasons or did The Insider not have it correct? Do you have any source links?

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