Hawaii Shave Ice Rocks!

So, I’m almost ashamed to admit that in all my trips to Hawaii, I hadn’t yet tried shave ice.  That was up until my recent trip to Oahu.  Some friends in Hawaii recommended we try Matsumoto’s Shave Ice in Hale’iwa and we were glad that we did. 

 There is almost always a line of 20 or more people at Matsumoto.  Though the line may look long, it moves quickly.  The employees there are very efficient and could probably teach NASCAR pit crews a thing or two.  We actually didn’t mind the wait because it gave us time to look over the many flavors and options and the photos of famous people had been there.  (By the way, I’m sure my photo will be up any moment now 😉 )

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs.  We both ordered large shave ice with ice cream at the bottom, but neither of us was able to finish it and this was our lunch for the day.  I ordered mine with sweetened Azuki beans.  I’m glad I tried it as a novelty, though I’ll order shave ice without the beans next time. 

The cost was quite reasonable.  I basically ordered the shave ice with all the bells and whistles, e.g. large with ice cream, beans, and a spill cup, and that was only $2.75.  The spill cup cost $0.25 and is worth the investment.  They are reusable.

The shave ice was super sweet and we were on sugar buzzes for the afternoon.  There were several sugar-free choice and I may give those a try next time. 

If you are in Hale’iwa looking for shave ice and find that the Matsumoto’s line is too daunting, I’ve heard that Aoki’s is just as good.  Aoki’s is just next door.  

Mahalo to our new friends, Richie and Natalie, for the recommendation!

  1. I wonder if people get addicted to the sugar buzz, hence the long lines of those looking to get their daily dose. 🙂

    I also recommend letting the ice cream and ice melt a little, then sucking up the “milkshake” concoction through the provided straw – yum!

  2. Up to 1000 local people and visitors come to Matsumoto Shave Ice each day to buy their shave ice!!!

    I just read that in the Hawaii Business Magazine June 2007 issue.

  3. 1000 a day! That’s an impressive number. I’d say the owners are pulling in some major cash. Kudos to them.

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