Oahu Views – Mokoli’i – Chinaman’s Hat

This island’s Hawaiian name is Mokoli’i, but it is also referred to as Chinaman’s Hat because of its shape. You’ll find it on the Northeast side of Oahu off of Highway 83, Kamehameha Hwy. Look for Kualoa Regional Beach Park for plenty of parking and a great vantage point.

  1. Hey Sheila:

    if you have a chance, change the name of this one to “Mokoli’i”. Mokoli’i refers to “little lizard”, or the remnants of a tail of a legendary lizard whose back is very visible as the Kualoa mountain range. In fact, “Kualoa” means “long, large back”, referring to the long large back of a giant lizard or dinosaur(if you look at this mountain or have seen the episodes of Lost with the submarine, the mountain backdrop looks like a back of a large dinosaur). Legend has it that Hi’iakaikapoliopele, one of the sisters to Pele, the goddess who lives at Halema’uma’u at the current volcano on Hawai’i island, passed through the Kualoa area one day. This large lizard or mo’o gave chase to her. She killed him, and one sign of this battle is the remnant tail in the ocean, still seen today.

    The Chinaman’s hat contemporary reference is obviously due to the shape of the island.

  2. Mahalo, Kealii for suggesting the correction and for sharing the interesting legend! On the Kualoa Movie Set and Ranch Tour, they shared the legend as well. (Unfortunately, I posted the photo before I knew the story.) The island is very striking and mysterious. It is definitely an eye catcher!

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