Ugg, The Dreaded Resort Fees

Isn’t it annoying that hotels charge “resort fees”?  They generally tack on another $15 – $25 per day plus tax to your stay for resort amenities that you may or may not use.  These “amenities” may include some basic items that you would normally consider part of your room charge, like self parking, in room coffee, and local calls. What’s next?  The use of toilet paper included in your resort fees? Is the hotel industry becoming more like the luxury car industry where you get the bare options and everything else is an upgrade?

I’ve often wondered why hotels do this.  It appears to me as just another revenue generator.  John Lindelow of Travel Hawaii offered some theories as to why hotels charge these annoying fees in this press release:

“I’ve heard three reasons,” said Lindelow, “First, by breaking out some of their expenses as a Resort Fee, the hotels can avoid paying the State’s tax of 7.25% on that portion. Second, the hotels don’t have to pay commission to travel agents on what they charge for Resort Fees; and third, the hotels can make it seem like they have lower overall prices by advertising the room rate only and then adding the Resort Fee only when the client checks out.”

Travel Hawaii maintains a special web page that that lists all the resort fees and what benefits they offer at Hawaii hotels.  You can find this web page at  If you can’t avoid the resort fees, at least you can be informed before booking your room.  Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is a trend that will only continue to grow. 


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