New Volcano Video and Photos from Fox News

 Kilauea never ceases to fascinate.  Here’s a link to today’s Fox News coverage of Hawaii’s volcano activity.  Be sure and watch their video.  Also, check out their photos  here


  1. I just wrote a post today re: viewing the Kilauea lava flow from an ocean vantage point by boat. This was in answer to a personal question from the writer of this great blog you are now reading!

  2. Thanks, Hawaii Vacation Gifts, for so kindly looking into my question and for the wonderful post you did! It is well worth reading!
    Thanks, Pua. I’ve posted those links here before as well.

    Luckily I’ve seen Puu Oo before by helicopter. I’ve also hiked many miles around Volcanoes National Park and it is amazing! On this trip, I was hoping to see the new Poupou entry point that started a month ago, but sadly, I’m not going to get to make it out to the Big Island this time.

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