Sheraton Kauai Resort Wins Green Business Award

The Sheraton Kauai was awarded the 2006 Green Business Award.  This award honors environmentally conscious Hawaii businesses that go above and beyond the compliances to conserve energy, water, and reduce pollution and waste. 

Sheraton Kauai Resort implemented many programs and projects, all geared to achieving the same goals; conserve, reduce waste, decrease energy consumption, control expenses and have a positive impact of the environment.  The resort started an energy project that included a lighting audit of all 394 guest rooms, inspiring the replacement of all incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescents. Other efforts include the installation of low flow showerheads and low flow toilets for water conservation, future installation of motion sensors tied to closet lighting, occupancy censored digital thermostats, motion sensors tied to lighting in all back of house areas and installation of three new centrifugal chillers and pumps.

What makes the Sheraton Kauai’s efforts even more impressive is that they donate the savings reaped from their recycling program.  The savings are donated to the ARC (Association of Retarded Citizens).

Kudos to Sheraton Kauai!



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