More Good Advice on Using Frequent Flier Miles to Hawaii

You may recall my post about how it is becoming more difficult to use frequent flier miles for the lower mileage (restricted) awards to Hawaii.  There are only a few lower mileage seats allocated on each flight and they get snatched up quickly because Hawaii is such a popular destination. 

You can still use your frequent flier miles to get to Hawaii, however you may have to redeem twice as many miles to use an unrestricted award flight.  To this I say, in for a penny, in for a pound, why not chip in some more mileage for the first class seats?  🙂

Tim Winship, the editor of, offers this advice

 Start looking 331 days before your date of travel; that’s the earliest frequent-flier seats are put into airline computers.

331 days?  Ouch!  It is difficult to plan out that far in advance!

If you can’t find a seat online, call the airline; they’ll charge you $15 for ticket handling, but reservations agents sometimes have access to seats you won’t find online.

Or look for flights that leave in the morning or midweek, which are less popular times for travel.

Good Luck to you if you are trying redeem your miles to Hawaii. 



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