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Budget Travel Hawaii Trip Coach November 25th Transcript

I was delighted to answer Budget Travel Magazine readers’ Hawaii travel questions yesterday.  There were over 30 great questions that I answered.  If you missed the chat, then perhaps you’d be interested in reading the full transcript.  Here are a few excerpts from the chat. __________________________________________________________________________ Burlington, N.J.: We are planning on visiting Hawaii in October of 09. What Island/Islands ... Read More »

Where to Stay on Maui for the Best Weather

I suppose the phrase “best weather” is a subjective term. Probably most people would define it as warm and sunny.  On Maui you’re always going to be able to find wonderful warmth and usually lots of sun. (See our article on what’s the weather like on Maui.) In this article, we’ll identify the sunniest spots. Now please bear with me as ... Read More »

Where to stay on Hawaii’s Big Island

Where should you stay on the Big Island?  That’s a challenging question.  In fact of all the Hawaiian Islands, choosing where to stay on the Big Island may be the most difficult choice of all because of its size and diversity of climates and terrain. We know how it’s so easy to get your brain all balled up in a ... Read More »

Where to Stay on Kauai for the Best Weather

Kauai is known as the garden isle because of it’s lush green cliffs and valleys. Anyone with a green thumb knows that sunshine and rain are two essentials for growing a healthy garden.  Kauai is blessed with a nice balance of both. In comparison to the large resort areas on Maui, Oahu and the Big Island, Kauai does experience a ... Read More »

Where to Stay in Hawaii to Avoid Rain

The Hawaiian Island’s volcanic mountains combined with the pleasant trade winds create such a diversity of climates.  As we’ve share with you before, each island has a wetter windward side and a drier leeward side. As you plan your Hawaii vacation, you might want to find the best places to stay to avoid rain, particularly in the rainier, winter months. ... Read More »

Kaanapali – A Great Base For A Maui Vacation

I was recently asked where would be a good place to stay for a first time trip to Maui and my immediate response was Kaanapali. Now this is not to say that there aren’t other fantastic places to stay in Maui, on the contrary! In my opinion, Kaanapali offers the amenities that suit most first time Hawaii vacationers’ needs and ... Read More »

Don’t Wake Up in Paradise to Construction Noise

 When in Hawaii, I prefer to wake up to the sound of waves or birds, not hammers and buzz saws.  I’d imagine you feel the same way.  Here is a site worth checking before you book your next Hawaii hotel.  This site lists construction alerts for Hawaii Hotels.  I don’t think it includes every construction project.  So, to be sure ... Read More »

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