Why do blogs have old/outdated information?

Go Visit Hawaii is a Hawaii travel advice blog. A blog is an online publication — similar to a newspaper or magazine, but published online instead of print.

Like printed publications, some blog information is “evergreen”, which means that the information will always be the same. An example of an evergreen blog post or magazine article is this blog post on Pu’uhonau o Honaunau — a historical site and national park. The article includes some history and information on where the park is located which are both significant points that will never change over time.

Again, like printed publications, some blog information becomes obsolete over time. Examples of this obsolete information would be holiday events, special deals, pricing, etc. If you were to pick up a magazine from a few months ago, some of the information would now be obsolete. The same situation happens with blogs. That’s why it’s important to look at the published date, which is always included in every one of our blog post urls at Go Visit Hawaii.

When possible, we always aim to update schedules and pricing in our blog posts. For example, parking at the Pali Lookout used to be free, but in 2010 the state began charging a $3 parking fee for visitors. We updated our Pali Lookout post to include the updated information.

Other times, information becomes obsolete — like events and deals. Blog posts/information are written and published online in real time, but weeks, months, or years later, the events and deals are no longer valid. That’s the nature of a blog. The obsolete information may still be useful for reference purposes, which is why it remains online. We and our readers  have referenced old deals and events countless times to for current deals and events comparison purposes.

In addition to obsolete information remaining online for reference purposes, old blog posts with deals and events will stay online because it’s nearly impossible for a blogger to keep hundreds or thousands of posts updated when information becomes obsolete.  This same situation is basically the same for old print publications like weeks or months old newspapers or magazines. It’s just not practical for bloggers — especially since most bloggers provide free information that they essentially write voluntarily with little or no income.

Mahalo for your understanding.