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Waikiki Thanksgiving Dinners and Events 2014

  For Thanksgiving 2018, click this link —> Waikiki Thanksgiving Dining & Events 2018 —- The following list is from 2014 for reference purposes only. Waikiki Beach is a popular destination to celebrate Thanksgiving. Whether you’ll be in Waikiki or just dreaming about it, you’ll enjoy this list of special dining options and fun things to do over the holiday ... Read More »

Celebrating July 4th in Hawaii

  We always say that Hawaii knows how to celebrate a holiday and this fourth of July will be no exception. Independence Day celebrations in Hawaii include patriotic parades and fireworks, of course. In addition to those traditional events you’ll also find celebrations that are very unique to Hawaii, such as the juvenile honu (turtle) release ceremony at Mauna Lani ... Read More »

July 4th Fireworks & Events near Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu 2014

2018 Update: see the most current edition of Oahu July 4th. Click this link for the 2018 update.  —- The following list is from 2014 for reference purposes only. For the current year’s update, go to this link <— Oahu really knows how to celebrate Independence Day with a bang! We’ve created our annual list of all the top places to ... Read More »

2014 Memorial Day & Weekend Events in Honolulu, Oahu

For Memorial Day 2017, click this link —> Oahu Memorial Day Events 2017  —– The following events are from 2014 for reference purposes only. Need ideas for what to do and see in Waikiki, Honolulu and Oahu for this Memorial Day? Check our recommendations for Memorial Day events and more. Memorial Day Events on Monday, May 26, 2014 Honolulu Mayor’s ... Read More »

Waikiki Christmas – Special Holiday Dining & Events

We’ve updated our list of Waikiki Christmas events for this year! See the updated list here: Special Waikiki Christmas Events & Dining for 2018. —- The following list is from 2013 for reference purposed only. See the updated list here. Christmas Eve Dining on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 * Tiki’s Grill at the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel: Four course Christmas Eve dinner for ... Read More »

Waikiki Thanksgiving Dining & Events 2013

For 2018 go to this link—>  Waikiki Thanksgiving 2018.  The list below is from 2013 for reference purposes only. Many of the links are obsolete. —– Will you be spending Thanksgiving in Waikiki Beach? If so, you’ll surely want to gobble, gobble, gobble this list of delicious and fun things to do over the holiday weekend. Thanksgiving Buffets The following restaurants are ... Read More »

Fireworks & July 4th Events in Waikiki, Honolulu & Oahu 2013

**** UPDATE for 2016 —  Click this link for —> 2016 fireworks and events for July 4th on Oahu. **** — The following information is from 2013 for reference and informational purposes only. See our 2016 list of Oahu July 4th fireworks and celebrations. If Waikiki is your destination for July 4th, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the top fireworks ... Read More »

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