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Driving with Aloha in Hawaii

The Aloha spirit is everywhere in Hawaii, even on the busy roads. When you drive your rental car on your Hawaii vacation, you should be prepared to drive with Aloha. There’s a phrase that goes, “To receive Aloha, you must give Aloha.” So, I want to share my driving tips to help you blend in with the locals and give ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Driving Stress Reducer – GPS Navigation System

See the Garmin GPS navigation system in our rental car?  That saved us tons of stress on our recent vacation to Oahu. Hawaii’s street names are in Hawaiian. So, basically street names are in a foreign language for most visitors. By using our Garmin, we were able to enter in our destination and let the system navigate through the foreign ... Read More »

Avis Tries Harder To Be Bug Free in Hawaii

I have a new favorite rental car company in Hawaii and it’s Avis. Recently, we rented cars from Avis on Oahu and Kauai. Both cars were very clean and best of all, they were roach-free. Some of you may recall that I had a less than pleasant experience with Dollar Rent a Car in March. We had the complete opposite ... Read More »

Economy rental cars are in demand!

I happened to catch a great consumer travel segment with Susan Koeppen on the CBS Early Show.  Koeppen reported that economy rental cars are very much in demand due to high gas prices.  In fact, economy rental cars are quite often selling out across the country.  Koeppen reported that she had tried to rent a economy car yesterday in New ... Read More »

A Vacation Time Saving Tip

This time saving idea will help you if you check your luggage and you are traveling with someone else.  When you arrive at the airport in Hawaii, rather than waiting on your luggage and then heading to the rental car desk, divide and conquer.  One of you should collect the luggage while the other picks up the car.  So this ... Read More »

Renting a Convertible or Jeep in Hawaii? Think Twice

During my trips to Hawaii, I’ve rented convertible cars and soft-top Jeeps. I have to say it was fun to do, but not as ideal as I thought it would be. In this article I’ll share some of the reasons you might want to rethink renting a convertible car or soft-top Jeep. Before you reserve your rental, consider these points: ... Read More »

Dear Dollar Rent A Car – Please Clean and Fumigate Your Cars

Dear Dollar Rent A Car, The Dodge Caliber you rented to us from KOA (Kona Airport) was dirty and roach infested. The car hadn’t been cleaned in who knows how long. There were candy wrappers and other bits of trash that were in the car from prior rentals. The worst part of our rental experience was that the car was ... Read More »

Hawaii Tourist Advice: Lock Your Car Doors

It’s so easy to get distracted by the beautiful scenery in Hawaii, but you do need to keep your wits about you, even in paradise. Here are some tips to keep your valuables protected: Be sure that you always lock your rental car and hide valuables completely out of sight. Don’t leave anything in sight that would tempt someone to ... Read More »

Do I need a rental car if I stay in Waikiki Beach?

If you’re staying in Waikiki on your Oahu vacation, then you’re probably wondering if you need a rental car or not.  Let me first say that a rental car is not a necessity.  You can get around Oahu with public transportation and packaged tours.  That being said, there is a certain degree of freedom and flexibility that a rental car ... Read More »

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