About the editor of Go Visit Hawaii, Sheila Beal


Sheila BealSheila Beal is a repeat visitor to the beautiful Hawaiian islands with an extreme enthusiasm for Hawaii. Many people assume she lives in Hawaii, but she actually lives on the US Mainland. She’s been to all the islands and loves and admires them all. Whether it’s the volcanoes of the Big Island, Oahu’s Pearl Harbor, hiking in Kauai or Maui’s road to Hana, Sheila’s experienced just about everything Hawaii has to offer.  (Read how she came to know and love Hawaii.)

Sheila brings a unique perspective rarely found outside of the islands of Hawaii. As a repeat tourist, she is able to truly bring you the news and advice that is of interest to anyone planning a trip to the islands of Hawaii. She understands the challenges that come along with planning a Hawaii vacation and offers practical advice for making the most of your trip to paradise.

Before starting Go Visit Hawaii, Sheila worked in the corporate world as an industrial engineer and project manager. Though she said good bye to the corporate world, she still uses the engineering and project management knowledge in her articles. With each article, she helps readers stretch their vacation budget to get the most from their Hawaii visit.

One aspect particularly refreshing about Go Visit Hawaii, is that you can fully trust that its news and reviews are completely independent and honest. This transparency is a rarity. Sheila will never try to covertly steer you in a particular direction. She has nothing to sell and she does not accept payment in exchange for posts. She writes the same advice as what she would share with her friends and family.

Sheila describes herself as an adventurous chicken. In fact she once described herself as the chicken of the sea. Though her heart may be pounding out of her chest, she loves trying new adventures from sea kayaking on Oahu to ziplining on Kauai. She’s found that Hawaii brings out the adventure in her.

In addition to tips she provides from her own personal travels, Sheila’s knowledge has been tested and certified by the official Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau as an island expert graduate for Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, and Hawaii’s Big Island.