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Hawaiian-style canoe sailing in Maui

Skimming over the ocean by canoe.

Sailing in Hawaii is always a treat. I love feeling the tradewinds caressing my face as the vessel skims across the bluest of blue ocean water. I try to sail on each visit to Hawaii. On my recent visit to Maui, I had the unique opportunity to sail on a canoe fashioned in the same manner as ancient Hawaiian sailing ... Read More »

Spa Montage Kapalua Bay: a top Maui spa

Hot tub with waterall

Our experience at Spa Montage Kapalua Bay in Maui was outstanding. We intend to return here again and again on future Maui visits. With a rush, we barely made our appointment for a couples massage ($197 per person) on time because we had a fun but, busy day. (Our previous tour ran a bit longer than expected.) While I could only ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photos: Wonderful Wainapanapa

A view through a lava tube.

Mahalo to Renée Saar of Acworth, Georgia for sending in her photos from Waianapanapa State Park off the road to Hana. Renee and her family went to Hawaii to celebrate. Renée shared two photos from Wainapanapa State Park with us. Since I couldn’t choose which one to post as they were both so interesting, I decided to share them in the same ... Read More »

Wailea Kayaking & Snorkeling

Your hosts, Andy and Sheila, kayaking in Wailea.

Thrilling, that’s how I’d describe our above and below the water adventures with Prodiver Maui in Wailea. Do you know that feeling you get when you’ve just finished an exhilarating roller coaster ride and you can’t wait try it again? That’s how we felt when we came back to shore. We definitely want to come back and do this tour again during ... Read More »

Organic farm-to-table tour at O’o Farm on Maui

Coffee cherry

In the Waipoli (misting forest) area along the gentle slope of Haleakala, we found O’o Farm for a tour and al fresco luncheon. This 3.5 hour tour includes short walks around a few of the of the gardens nestled in 8.5 verdant acres. Along the way, guests are invited to help pick greens for the day’s truly fresh salad with lunch. This ... Read More »

Back from Maui

North Kaanapali Beach

Wow, how quickly a five-night visit passed! As I reflect back on the last week, I can hardly believe how much we did in such a short period of time, with thanks again to the Maui Visitors Bureau and their partners for hosting us. I want to give you a preview of posts to come with a brief summary of our ... Read More »

Best places to find free entertainment and cultural activities in Hawaii


Getting to and staying in Hawaii can leave a dent in your wallet, but once you’re there, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy local culture. As we’ve visited Hawaii over the past decade, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality and availability of free entertainment. We’ve enjoyed everything from free music performances from award-winning musical artists to ... Read More »

Go Visit Hawaii’s Whale Tales 2013

DSC_6240 (1)

Being in Hawaii during humpback whale season — January through March (peak) — is magical. To see these amazing creatures come to the water’s surface to breath or breach is thrilling each and every time. During our recent trip to Kauai, Maui and Lanai, we took every opportunity that we could to watch for humpback whales. It was addictive and ... Read More »

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