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Aloha Friday Photo: Wonderful Waikiki Edition

Oh, there’s so much to love about today’s Aloha Friday Photo from Shelley on flickr. Please allow me to list some of the things I love about this photo: the people frolicking in the rippling waves coming to shore the tall palms soaking in the view the gentle water rippling over the shore-break wall the creamy-white sand the views of ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: ‘A Trail To A View’ Edition

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo was submitted by Catherine who enjoyed spending New Years in Maui along with her husband, son and good friends. Catherine took this photo from the Kipahulu region of Haleakala National Park that you can find beyond Hana off the spectacular road to Hana. More specifically, she took this photo from the Kuloa Point Trail, which is ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Makapu’u Lighthouse Edition

Mahalo to Shannon of Seattle for sharing her panoramic photo of Makapu’u Lighthouse for today’s Aloha Friday Photo. You’ll find this beautiful lighthouse just off the Makapuu Lighthouse Trail on Oahu’s sun-drenched eastern coast. The trail is relatively short and easy trek that’s perfect for a morning sunrise walk. By the way, Shannon was randomly selected as the winner of ... Read More »

Celebrating 1 Year of Aloha Friday Photos (Giveaway Alert)

Today, we celebrate one year of Aloha Friday Photos. Our very first of this series was posted on Friday, January 29, 2010. Since then, we’ve all enjoyed so many of your fantastic Hawaii vacation photos. To celebrate this one year milestone, Andy created this Go Visit Hawaii photo book. It’s an exclusive, limited edition (e.g, there’s only one of’em printed) ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Poipu Whale Edition.

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo comes to us from Cliff. He and his wife have been renting a vacation condo in Kauai’s Poipu Beach. Cliff provides this insight with his photo:” It was early morning, and still pretty dark, when I took this photo from the balcony of the condo we are renting in Poipu.  Must have been a real thrill ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Leaping Legends Editions

Mahalo to Go Visit Hawaii’s Italian friends, Marco and Laura, for providing this perfectly captured shot of the daily cliff dive ceremony at Sheraton Maui on Kaanapali Beach. Laura and Marco traveled all the way from Italy to visit three Hawaiian Islands back in August, 2010. Laura writes, We spent our last week at Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui;  just ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo – Kauai’s Kilauea Point

  Mahalo to Kamila Ceslar of London, England for sharing her Kauai vacation photo of Kilauea Point. It’s a beauty, isn’t it? When you visit Kauai, I hope you’ll make plans to see this lighthouse and wildlife refuge for yourself. Beyond this beautiful view, when you visit, you might also see sea birds, dolphins and maybe even a humpback whale ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Easy Breezy Palm Edition

  Let’s pause to soak in this scene. I can almost hear the sound of Hawaii’s beloved tradewinds rustling the feathery palm leaves. Can you? Don’t you also feel more relaxed just looking at bits of blue sky filtered through the palm fronds? I sure do! Mahalo to Sean Fischer-Photography from Minnesota who shared this beautiful Aloha Friday Photo via ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Maui’s Makena Beach

Anyone want to trade some snow for that beautiful golden sand of Maui’s Makena Beach? I sure do! I feel warmer just looking at this photo. Today’s excellent Hawaii vacation photo comes to us from Kamila Ceslar. Mahalo Kamila for sharing it with us! It’s just what we needed on this winter day. Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Santa in Hawaii

Today’s Aloha Friday photo is really a blast from the past. My friend Dave from Oahu sent this photo to me back in 2007. He saw Santa down in Waikiki Beach mingling with the crowd just before Christmas. Santa looks so relaxed with a mai tai in one hand and flashing a shaka with the other hand. I guess he’s ... Read More »

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