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Aloha Friday Photo: Rainbow Falls in Hawaii


Mahalo to Evangelina Carrillo for sharing today’s Aloha Friday Photo. This is our first Aloha Friday Photo shared by someone from Mexico! We’re always thrilled to share our enthusiasm of Hawaii with folks from around the world. Evangelina’s lovely photo was taken at Rainbow Falls in Hilo on Hawaii, the Big Island. We highly recommend a stop to see Rainbow ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Aloha found in the Ocean

aloha in the ocean by Heather Van Fossen

Mahalo to Heather Van Fossen for sending today’s Aloha Friday Photo. Heather discovered this ALOHA in the water while snorkeling by Puuhonau O Honaunau, also know by the Place of Refuge on Hawaii, the Big Island. What a neat experience it must have been to be snorkeling above the excellent reef at Honaunau Bay to “find aloha.” Mahalo again to ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: A Place of Refuge


Mahalo to Susan Sims for sending today’s Aloha Friday Photo that she took on Hawaii, the Big Island. We love this peaceful shot under the shade of the coconut trees at the reflective fishpond’s edge. Susan’s photo was taken at Pu’uhonau O Honaunau National Park, which is more commonly known as the “place of refuge.”  In ancient Hawaiian culture, if ... Read More »

Kona to Hilo day trip: see waterfalls, volcanoes and lava!

View of lava flowing into the ocean

One of the most exciting attractions in Hawaii, the Big Island, is the active volcano Kilauea. The challenge that many first time Hawaii visitors discover is that the volcano activity is on the Hilo side of the island while the beach resorts are situated on the Kona side of the island. The Big Island is big indeed. It’s bigger than ... Read More »

How to vacation in Hawaii like the Duck Dynasty

How to vacation in hawaii like duck dynasty

Did you see the Duck Dynasty season finale where the Robertsons take a family vacation to Hawaii? Wasn’t the scenery fantastic? If you caught the show and also the bug to take your own Hawaii vacation like the Duck Dynasty family, I took notes and have practically recreated Willie’s itinerary — from which hotel they stayed in to where they rode ... Read More »

Best places to find free entertainment and cultural activities in Hawaii


Getting to and staying in Hawaii can leave a dent in your wallet, but once you’re there, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy local culture. As we’ve visited Hawaii over the past decade, we’ve been pleasantly surprised at the quality and availability of free entertainment. We’ve enjoyed everything from free music performances from award-winning musical artists to ... Read More »

Scenes from the amazing Hawaii Volcanoes National Park


Visiting Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is worth the trip to Hawaii, the Big Island alone. My goodness, this park is amazing! Ah-maz-ing! I want to attempt to illustrate what a fascinating site Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is with photos we’ve taken over several different trips. Our first stop is a Halemaumau crater where a lava lake churns, vents and glows. ... Read More »

Hawaii humpback whale watching is in full swing!


It’s that super duper awesome time of year when the humpback whales swim around their Hawaii playground. Having the opportunity to watch 40-ton whale leap out of the ocean to create a big splash is one of the many reasons that make winter a good time to visit Hawaii. Hawaii is a sanctuary for humpback whales. The shallow waters around ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals & News: December 5, 2012


* Lava is flowing to the ocean once again on Hawaii, the Big Island! Our friends at Lava Ocean Adventure posted this video showing scenes they’ve shot within the last few days. The above photo is also courtesy of Lava Ocean Adventures. (Email subscribers – click here to access the video.) * The 2013 Hawaii Entertainment books are on sale ... Read More »

Hilo- Hawaii’s Foodie Heaven


The following is a guest post by Bret Love of ecotourism and environmental conservation website Green Global Travel, which you can also find on Facebook and Twitter. Brett’s trip to Hawaii, the Big Island was sponsored by the Big Island Visitors Bureau. While other parts of Hawaii become increasingly overrun with development, Hilo remains a relatively unspoiled tropical haven of ... Read More »

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