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Is March a good time to visit Hawaii?

Today we’re taking a look at visiting Hawaii in March. We’ll review all the important information you need to help you choose when you should go to Hawaii. Before we jump into the details about Hawaii in March, I want to say that just about anytime is a great time to visit Hawaii. The temperatures are warm and generally sunny ... Read More »

What to prepare and plan before your Oahu vacation

As the excitement builds for your vacation to Oahu, your mind may be racing with thoughts of all the preparations you need to make. You have probably already chosen your accommodation, but have you decide what Oahu attractions you will see? Where will you dine?  How will you get around? Over the years we’ve written many articles that help you ... Read More »

Should I bring snorkel gear to Hawaii?

We are often asked if it’s a good idea to bring snorkel gear to Hawaii. Unless you already own good quality snorkel gear that you love and have the room to pack it in your luggage, you don’t really need to bring snorkel gear from home. With the cost of checked luggage, every inch of space in your baggage is very ... Read More »

What time is it in Hawaii?

While many of us in North America switched our clocks back an hour from daylight savings time this past weekend, Hawaii Time remained the same. Hawaii doesn’t observe daylight savings time. Here’s the time difference between Hawaii and North America depending on time zone and whether standard time or daylight savings time is being observed in your time zone. During ... Read More »

Long-haul flight tips to/from Hawaii: What to bring on the plane to make the flight pleasant

Boarding pass? Check. Government-issued photo identification? Check. Wallet? Check. Carry-on luggage? Check. What else do you need to bring onboard for your flights to and from Hawaii? We conclude our series on tips for making your flights to and from Hawaii as comfortable as possible with suggestions for what to bring with you on the flight. Use this list to ... Read More »

Long-haul flight tips to and from Hawaii: Choose best flights & seats

  The first post in our new series of Hawaii flight tips starts the important first step of choosing the most comfortable flights and seats. Let me preface this post by saying airline seats, especially economy/coach seats, are not known for comfort. So, our advice in this article is aimed at making an uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible. Please ... Read More »

Series: Long-haul flight tips to and from Hawaii

If experience makes one an expert, then we are experts on making the best of long-haul flights to and from Hawaii. We’ve lost count, but we’ve probably made the trek to and from Hawaii 30 to 50 times. From our North Carolina base, the travel time from door-to-door averages about 15 hours, barring delays. So, it’s not exactly a hop, ... Read More »

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