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Aloha Friday Photo: Waikiki Sunset Panorama

Today’s Aloha Friday photo comes to us from a good friend and Oahu resident, Dave. He took this Waikiki panorama photo with with his iphone. He needs to hang on to that iphone because it takes very good quality photos. You may recall, Dave provided this Aloha Friday Photo that was also the product of his iphone. I need Dave’s ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Lahaina Sunset

Aren’t the colors of this Maui sunset amazing? It seems that I typically see a combination of purples, pinks and reds or a mix of oranges, yellows and reds in Hawaii sunsets, but not both combinations at the same time. This sunset has just about every color of the rainbow. This Aloha Friday photo comes to us from Teresa Caseltine ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Everything Everywhere Edition

Today’s Aloha Friday photo comes from Gary Arndt, who writes about his world travels at Everything Everywhere. Gary has been traveling and blogging around the globe since March 2007. Guess where his journey began? Well, that would be Hawaii, of course! Gary took this excellent shot of ki’i keeping watch at Puuhonua o Honaunau (Place of Refuge) National Park on ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Leafy Green Edition

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo comes from my brother-in-law David who just visited Hawaii for the first time in January. He took this photo along the path to Akaka Falls on the Big Island. In my post on the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, I mentioned that David is botanically-challenged. Though he may not know the names of many plants flowers and ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Footprints Edition

Today’s photo was kindly supplied by fellow travel blogger and friend, Melanie. She blogs at Travels With Two – a travel blog for couples. Melanie snapped this photo at Maui’s Wailea Beach on her honeymoon in 1999. The footprints in the sand really make this photo come to life. I can easily imagine the feel of that golden sand under ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: South Maui Sunset

Today’s photo is from the exceptionally talented, Maui photographer, Peter Liu. I’ve been a big fan of Peter’s photography, so I’m thrilled that he’s given us permission to share one of his many stunners. From Peter’s blog, he wrote that he was on his way home from the store when he noticed this sunset. So he grabbed his camera gear ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Kohala Coast Shoreline

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo comes from my sister Michelle who lives in Newland, North Carolina. Michelle took this photo while she and her husband, David, were visiting the Big Island in January. This photo shows the shoreline near the Mauna Lani Hotel on the Kohala Coast. It’s one of her favorites from the trip, though she has “bunches” more.  Hopefully ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo & Story Via Italy

Laura and Marco Dinaro are two very delightful, longtime readers of Go Visit Hawaii all the way from Milano, Italy. They recently wrote me to share a couple of their vacation photos from the Big Island of Hawaii. Laura and Marco’s photos relate to their experience touring a Kona coffee farm where they roasted their own coffee under their own ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: A Match Made in Heaven…er Hawaii

I found today’s Aloha Friday Photo submission to be very, very amusing. Only in Hawaii would this combination of SPAM and macadamia nuts come together. I wouldn’t mind trying this nutty concoction, but I’m quite fond of the milk chocolate, toffee covered macadamia nuts. So, what do you think of this flavor combination? Would you like to give it a ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Waikiki Lifeguard Station “Enjoys” Sunset

I adore photos of Hawaii lifeguard stations, so naturally I fell in love with this photo from Waikiki Beach at sunset by Paul, the Flying Photog. Ah, wouldn’t you kind of like to be transformed into a Hawaii lifeguard station? You’d get to sit on the beach and watch the waves all day long.  Mahalo, Paul, for your permission to ... Read More »

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