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Aloha Friday Photo: Friendly Puffer Fish

Mahalo to Susan Sims for sharing this puffer fish photo from her Hawaii travels. Actually, Susan’s husband snapped this photo. This puffer is an adorable little guy, isn’t he? He looks so friendly and curious. I wonder what he’d have to say if he could talk? Mahalo again to Susan for sharing this great Hawaii underwater photo with us! Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: A hui hou whales!

Mahalo nui loa to Norm Strole of Raleigh, North Carolina for sending in three photos for our Aloha Friday Photo series. I’ve chosen these three photos today as they symbolize the humpback whale season — from first sighting to finish. This first photo shows the whale emerging from the ocean into a breach: From this next photo, you can see the ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Secluded waterfall

Mahalo to Myk Salonga Photography for sending this beautiful photo of a secluded waterfall in Oahu’s Kalihi Valley. When Myk posted this photo, he shared that he’s “so blessed to live in paradise!” Yes, indeed, he is! What a dreamy scene in a pristine tropical forest. I love the milky smooth photo effect that was used in this photo. You can ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Colorful Hibiscus Beauty

Mahalo to Patty Trott for sharing today’s Aloha Friday Photo of this beautiful hibiscus. Patty took this photo near Captain Cook during here 2011 vacation to Hawaii, the Big Island. The colors of this flower are unique. Peach, pale lilac and burgundy are not colors that you usually see together. Mahalo again to Patty for sharing her beautiful photo with us. Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Kaanapali Beach Rainbow

  Mahalo to Michael Hoven for sending today’s Aloha Friday Photo of lovely rainbow at Maui’s Kaanapali Beach. Here’s what Michael shared about his photo: While walking on the boardwalk in Kaanapali on January 3rd, we came across this amazing rainbow. Not very often we get to see all the colors at home. We saw many rainbows during our time ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Lana’i view to Maui

Mahalo to Dan Pruyn for sharing today’s beautiful Aloha Friday Photo. The shades of blue, orange and green make this photo very vibrant and eye-catching. Dan took this photo on Lana’i. The island you see in the distance is Maui. Dan tells us West Maui and the Iao Valley are in the main view. In the distance, you can also ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Leaping out of the blue

Mahalo to Renata Solcova from our facebook community for sharing today’s Aloha Friday Photo. Renata captured this photo during her “amazing trip to the Big Island.” How exciting it must have been to have seen this whale in action! We have been to Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Lanai and Hawaii, the Big Island, during peak whale season. From our experience, Maui ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Ko Olina Secret Beach Sunset

How would you caption this photo? We are at a loss for words. Wow, oh wow! The vibrant colors along with the rays of light beaming from the sun make this photo one we’d like to soak in for hours. Mahalo nui loa to Henry Aguilar of JHAmes808 Photography for sharing today’s Aloha Friday Photo via our Facebook community. Henry took this photo at ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Maui Wall Candy Edition

Mahalo to Kris Nelson for  sharing today’s super whale photo. Kris took the photo of this young calf practicing breaches off the shore of Lahaina. Kris, his lovely wife and their adorable toddler are huge Maui fans. They visit as often as they can from their Chicagoland. Kris is the creator of the newly launched Maui Wall Candy app. If you need ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: A first Waikiki sunset

Mahalo to Debi Kramer of Idaho for sending today’s lovely Aloha Friday Photo. As Debi shared her photo on our facebook community, she told us that this photo was of her first Waikiki sunset. We love these soft shades of pink, purple and blue sky reflecting on the ocean.  Add to that the flickering tiki torches and sound of the ... Read More »

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