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Protect Hawaii’s Environment with a Double Duty Beach Bag

Happy Earth Day! Since the purpose of this day is to highlight ways to protect the environment, let’s look at one simple tip that is not only eco-friendly, it’s very practical for Hawaii vacationers, too. When you travel to Hawaii, bring one or two of your reusable shopping bags. Use these bags to: carry your vacation groceries carry your souvenirs ... Read More »

Food For Thought – Bringing Snacks to Hawaii

As you are making your plans for your Hawaii vacation, you may want to consider bringing a small stash of snacks for your trip. You will thank yourself for bringing a few snacks in these situations: After a long journey to get to Hawaii, you stumble to your accommodation like a zombie. You practically pass out when your head hits ... Read More »

Hawaii – There’s an App for That

We’ve discovered that many folks access Go Visit Hawaii via their iPhone when they are in Hawaii. So, when my friend Dave passed along this list of Hawaii- themed iPhone applications, I thought you would want to know about them. In that app list, there’s some very useful free apps like: Hawaii News Now – for local news, weather and ... Read More »

Hawaii in High Definition with Polarized Sunglasses

If you don’t already have a pair of polarized sunglasses, do yourself a favor and get some to bring on your Hawaii vacation. They really do make a difference. You know the phrase, “Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know”? Well that was the case with me until I had a chance to try polarized sunglasses for myself. Andy ... Read More »

How to Pack a Surfboard for Traveling

If you live to surf and are aiming to test your skills on Hawaii’s wicked waves, you may want to bring your trusty surfboard with you. But, how do you pack your surfboard so that it arrives in Hawaii in all one piece?  Neal from Surfboard Shack has written an excellent step by step guide to packing and shipping surfboards ... Read More »

Listening to Hawaii Radio Stations Online

Whether you’re planning a trip to Hawaii or you’ve just returned from the islands, you’ll enjoy staying connected to Hawaii with Hawaiian music. Fortunately, these days, we have options to listen to Hawaiian music stations online. Here are some of my favorite Hawaii radio stations that play classic and contemporary Hawaiian music online. – Oahu: Hawaiian 105 KINE – Big ... Read More »

Most Frequently Forgotten Items to Pack for Hawaii

After numerous trips to Hawaii, we’ve almost perfected the packing process down to a science. Of course, we made many mistakes along the way that have helped us become “Hawaii vacation packing pros.” From our experiences and observations, here are the seven most frequently forgotten items: Sunglasses Binoculars (especially useful for lava viewing and during humpback whale season) Light jacket, ... Read More »

Google Brings Hawaii Virtually to Your Doorstep!

If you’ve ever visited Hawaii, you’re going to love this new feature from Google Maps. If you’ve never visited Hawaii, you’re going to love this new feature from Google Maps. 🙂 So, what is it? Well, Google has announced the addition of Hawaii to its Street Views project, meaning you can take a virtual “stroll” around the places you’ve visited, ... Read More »

Where to Find Oahu Vacation Maps

It’s a good idea to start getting familiar with the geography and streets of Oahu before your feet touch the island ground. Where do you find a useful Oahu map? Here are eight resources to help you find your way around Oahu. 1. Download or order your free Oahu vacation planner from the Oahu Visitors Bureau. From this link you’ll ... Read More »

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