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Visiting the Mighty Mo (USS Missouri Battleship)

When you are on Oahu, consider touring the USS Missouri, also known as the Mighty Mo. The USS Missouri has a deep history and now proudly resides in “battleship row” near the USS Arizona and the USS Bowfin in Pearl Harbor. Probably one of the greatest events in Mighty Mo’s history is that it hosted Japan’s official surrender to the ... Read More »

Who was Kamehameha the Great?

When you’re in Hawaii, you’ll probably see the name Kamehameha (pronounced kuh-may-ha-may-ha) somewhere. Schools, highways, shopping centers, and resorts are named after Kamehameha. You may even see statues of Kamehameha while on your Hawaii vacation. If you are in Hawaii on June 11th, you’ll hear that it is Kamehameha Day. So I wanted you to know the significance of this ... Read More »

Rare 1950’s Waikiki Beach Surfing Video

I thought this vintage video was really neat.  The surfing stunts are impressive and it was interesting to see Waikiki Beach back when it wasn’t saturated with hotels.  (FYI, the last few seconds of the video oddly switch over to sumo wrestling, so you can give that a skip if you want.)  Enjoy!  Read More »

Lanai’s Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo)

Keahiakawelo, the garden of the gods, is an area in central Lanai that has amazing rock formations.  The area is accessible by four-wheel drive vehicle only.  The approach to the garden of the gods is dramatic. For miles you see shrubs, grasses, and bits of red dirt.  Then all of the sudden, there are hundreds of rounded rocks and very little vegetation.  The rocks are scattered about ... Read More »

Lanai’s Puupehe (Sweetheart Rock)

Between Hulopoe Bay and Manele Bay on Lanai, you can take an easy hike to see this vantage point of Sweetheart Rock.  The lone rock is impressive standing at 80 feet in height. There’s a Hawaiian legend about this rock.  There was a Lanai warrior who fell in love with a young girl from Maui. Her name was Puu Pehe.  He ... Read More »

Hawaiian Fishponds

Ancient Hawaiians were geniuses at making it easy to catch a fresh seafood dinner. They built fishponds along the shores and water inlets. The Hawaiians created rock walls that allowed sea water to ebb and flow into the ponds. They also included a gate into the wall that allowed small fish in and additional circulation of seawater. Once the small ... Read More »

Great Interview with Hawaiian Culture Expert

Surfing Magazine has an outstanding Q&A with Butch Helemano who is a minister and expert in ancient Hawaiian Culture.  In other words, he’s a true Big Kahuna.  He lives on the North Shore of Oahu and maintains several historic temples there. Though the Q&A is written from a surfer’s perspective, non-surfers will definitely enjoy reading it as well. Here are a ... Read More »

Minding Your Manners in Hawaii

When visiting a new place, we all want to be polite visitors, don’t we? Every culture seems to have its own set of etiquette rules and Hawaii is no exception. Now, before we get started, I want to emphasize that you’re not going to have to walk on eggshells or really worry about what you do and say. I think ... Read More »

Historical Kauai Lighthouse at Kilauea Point

  This peaceful and picturesque point is not to be missed as you explore the North Shore of Kauai. The lighthouse was completed in 1913 to guide ships to and from the Orient.  It remained in service until it was decommissioned by the Coast Guard in 1976.  The lighthouse has the world’s largest clamshell lens.  In 1985, this area was established as a ... Read More »

Maui’s Iao Valley State Park

The Iao Needle is the star of the Iao Valley State Park. It is a lushly covered rocky spire that mysteriously stands 2,250 feet high. In this beautiful valley you can leisurely walk the paths along the streams and tropical plants while learning about the valley’s Hawaiian historical significance. The Iao Valley State Park is open from 7 a.m. to ... Read More »

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