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Hawaii Vacation Deals & News: July 26, 2010

Let’s get this Monday started with some Hawaii vacation news. * Last week, I reported that the lava flow was heading eastward towards Kalapana residences. Per the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory report, the lava did reach and destroy one home yesterday. The good news is that the lava has found its way to the ocean which will hopefully lessen the ... Read More »

Big Island Lava Flow Advances East

One thing we know for certain about volcanic activity is that it’s predictably unpredictable. Volcanic activity comes and goes and moves around as it pleases. If I remember correctly, a few months ago, experts expected the lava to move westward back towards Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Well, the lava had other thoughts. It began a  move to the East, which ... Read More »

Sending Postcards from a Volcano

Did you know that it’s possible to send mail from a volcano? It’s true. On Hawaii’s Big Island, there’s a  village called Volcano and it’s located along the caldera of Kilauea Volcano just a mile or so from the entrance to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. One fun vacation idea is to send a letter or postcard from the Volcano Post ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals & News: May 5, 2010

We’ve got a bit of news to catch up on, so let’s dive in. * Hawaii Starwoods Resorts are offering some great resort credits deals when you stay 5 consecutive nights. The resort credits vary by property but range from $500 to $1000 for every 5-night stay. Stay ten nights and the credit is doubled. * Prince Resorts Hawaii have ... Read More »

Another Great VolcanoChaser Lava Video

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’m a little bit volcano crazy. I mean, how much more exciting can it get than to witness red hot lava oozing? When the Big Island lava is on the move with surface flows like it is now, I’m particularly intrigued. So, I subscribe to volcanochaser’s YouTube channel and rush to watch his ... Read More »

Hawaii’s Big Island Lava Is On The Move Again!

From March 2008 until very early this January, lava was steadily flowing to the ocean at the end of Highway 130 in Kalapana on Hawaii’s Big Island. Lava had been flowing through self-formed tubes to the ocean, but the tube system was most likely blocked or collapsed which stopped the flow to the ocean. The good news is that lava ... Read More »

See the Big Island grow right before your eyes!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the YouTube video contributor, volcanochaser. I’m hooked on his videos and have subscribed to his updates. Check out his latest video showing lava flowing into the ocean at a black sand beach.  (Email subscribers, click here to access the video.) If you are going to the Big Island to see the lava flow, ... Read More »

When Lava Meets the Road

You’ve heard of the expression, when the rubber meets the road. Well, what happens when hot lava meets the road? Just watch this outstanding video of a fresh lava flow on a section of Highway 130 on the Big Island of Hawaii. Isn’t it incredible that the lava burns the asphalt with such ease? There’s no way a speed bump ... Read More »

Lava Fields in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

We took this photo of a lava field from the Chain of Craters Road while visiting the Big Island’s  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We were fascinated to see these enormous lava fields with the scattering of  plants determined to live and grow in the lava.  Who knew that acres and acres of lava could be so interesting? See all my tips ... Read More »

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