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Sunset Dining in Hawaii (6 Secret Tips)

Catching a Hawaii sunset is a must to do on your Hawaii vacation. As sunset normally falls around dinnertime, why not make plans to enjoy a great dinner while watching sunset? Today, we’re sharing our best secrets for a wonderful sunset dinner in Hawaii. 1.  Make a reservation and get to the restaurant early. Restaurants in Hawaii seat their customers ... Read More »

Advice on Choosing a Safe Helicopter Tour

If you are considering a sight seeing tour by helicopter in Hawaii and are concerned about the safety of the tour, be sure to do your research before you hop onto one of the whirly birds. Here is some valuable advice I found in this article: The NTSB maintains an online database ( with accident information searchable by state ... Read More »

Can you guess the southernmost point in the US?

Some might guess the Florida Keys, but unfortunately that guess is wrong. Think Pacific Ocean. Think Hawaii. Ah, now you are in the right direction. The answer is appropriately named, South Point on Hawaii’s Big Island. Kirstin Jackson of Seattle Times wrote this interesting piece about her trip to South Point: It sounds like it is off the beaten tourist ... Read More »

Unique Hawaiian Coffee Experience

The Ueshima Coffee Company on the Big Island of Hawaii offers you an unique opportunity to learn about Kona coffee. You even get a chance to roast your own ½ pound bag of 100% Kona coffee. Take a look at the various tours they offer. [tags]hawaii, kona coffee, big island[/tags] Read More »

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