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Haleakala Sunrises–Fresh Every Morning

Catching a sunrise atop Maui’s Haleakala is truly spectacular. Each sunrise is unique. We’ve personally witnessed sunrise from Haleakala on three different occasions and they’ve all been different. I want to share our photos from those three visits so that you can see the variations. I’ll share them chronologically. This first photo is from April 2003. Our next visit was ... Read More »

Video of the 2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival 2012

If you’ve been following along, you’ve already seen our day one, day two, and day three diary entries from the 2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival. Now that we’re back on the mainland, we’ve put together a full length HD video summarizing this excellent three-day ukulele event. Rather than try to use words to describe how awesome this ukulele festival was, ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Kayak Rainbow

Today’s Aloha Friday photo was shared by Sreekumar Valiathan of Washington. Sreekumar took this photo along a Kapalua beach on Maui. He noted that these colorful kayaks are “waiting to be picked up.” Oh, the fun to be had! Mahalo to Sreekumar for sharing his photo with us! — Do you have a Hawaii vacation photo that you’d like to ... Read More »

Do you recommend going to a luau on your Hawaii vacation?

Readers often ask for my thoughts about luaus. Are they worth the time, money and effort? Are they touristy? Are luaus authentic? Those are all great questions, but there’s probably not a one-size-fits-all answer. What’s worth it to me might not be worth it to you. In my opinion, I think going to a luau is definitely worth planning into ... Read More »

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet is Souvenir City!

If you enjoy shopping for bargains on your Oahu vacation, you’ll love the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.  You’ll find Aloha (Hawaiian print) shirts and dresses for all ages, T-shirts, fridge magnets, jewelry and hats, etc. Most of the prices are really inexpensive. For example, look at the following photo – seven T-shirts for $20! Most of the cheaper trinkets aren’t ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: The Kahala Edition

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo of the grounds at the Kahala was sent by Dave from Oahu. Here’s what Dave had to say, “This place is almost magical. Very romantic. I proposed to my wife relaxing with her on the hammock (made for two) just after sunset. I couldn’t help it…” Well, who can blame Dave for popping the question at ... Read More »

Chairadise in Lanai

It’s time for a new chairadise post, but this one will be solely focused on Lana’i. So, when you feel like you need a little relaxation time in Hawaii, but you can’t get there, picture yourself in a Lanai chairadise. We’ll start with a photo from the Hale Ahe Ahe Lounge at Four Seasons Lanai Resort at Manele Bay. We ... Read More »

2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival – Day 3 Recap

Today, we caught the brunch-time performance in the Great Hall of the Four Seasons Lanai Lodge at Koele. The soaring ceiling and oversized chairs created the perfect environment to enjoy live ukulele music. In most of the other events multiple artists played, but today’s performance focused solely on the ukulele and silky smooth voice of Kawika Kahiapo from Oahu. We ... Read More »

2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival – Day 2 Recap

Today’s events started early with 9am ukulele performances on the lanai at Coffee Works in Lanai City. It was a great start to this sunny morning. From Lanai City, the events moved onto the Four Seasons Lanai Lodge at Koele, where we had a fantastic Hawaiian language lesson taught by the brilliant instructor, Kaliko Beamer-Trapp. After learning pronunciation and basic ... Read More »

2nd Annual Lanai Ukulele Festival– Day 1 Recap

We enjoyed a beautiful start to the Lanai Ukulele Festival with performances by Benny Uyetake and 45 of his ukulele students from Kalama School Ukulele Band, Richard Ho`opi`i, Kawaika Kahiapo, , CJ “Boom” Helekahi, Hula Honeys, and Byron Yasui. The first day’s events were held on the lovely luau grounds of the Four Seasons Lanai Resort at Manele. The performances ... Read More »

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