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Aloha Friday Pho…er…Video

Today’s Aloha Friday Photo is actually a video. Dave from Oahu created this very cool video explaining how to grow a pineapple, which happens to fit nicely with our series this week on Hawaii plants and blooms. Starting and growing a pineapple sound pretty easy actually. I may even give it a try, but by planting it a container so ... Read More »

Hawaii in Bloom at Hawaii’s Big Island

Of all the Hawaii gardens that I’ve toured so far, my favorite is the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, just a bit of Hilo on the Big Island. I absolutely love it! Even my brother-in-law who is not particularly interested in botanical stuff, thought that going to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden was a highlight of his first Hawaii vacation. In ... Read More »

Hawaii in Bloom on Kauai

With Kauai being the Garden Isle, you’re sure to find beautiful blooms throughout the island. The above pink plumeria photo was take near the Visitors Center for the Allerton Gardens and McBryde Garden, which are two of the three Kauai gardens that are part of the National Tropical Botanical Garden collection . Though you must pay an admission to visit ... Read More »

Hawaii in Bloom on Maui

The above photo is of a Giant lily, also known as a Spider lily, from the amaryllis family. We found this flower at Maui’s Garden of Eden  Blooms and birds abound here. There’s also an excellent look out to Puohokamoa Falls.  See more photos from the Garden to Eden. The Garden of Eden is on the east side of Maui, ... Read More »

Hawaii in Bloom at Oahu

This water lily photo was taken from Waimea Valley on the North Shore of Oahu where paved paths lead you beside of trees, flowers and shrubs from around the world. Here, you can also look for rare birds, like the Alea Ula or go for a swim in at a waterfall. Admission is $13 for adults, but look for coupons. ... Read More »

Series: Hawaii in Bloom Week

This week, we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite photos from visits to gardens across Hawaii. This short series will not only highlight some lovely flowers, but also give you some see-and-do ideas for each island. Here are the posts in this series: Oahu in Bloom  Kauai in Bloom  Maui in Bloom Hawaii, the Big Island ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Checking Into Paradise Edition

Today’s photo may not seem like much at first glance, but the story behind it adds so much life and interest to it. Remember Matt and Cari from yesterday’s Maui wowie post? Cari kindly shared this photo along with this background on why she cherishes it. We had been traveling, I was hot and sticky, I just wanted to RELAX ... Read More »

Maui Wowies These First-Time Hawaii Visitors

First-time Hawaii visitors Matt and Cari from Tri-Cities, Washington thoroughly researched their May trip through their Hawaii vacation planning resources. While they were well prepared for their Maui vacation, they were still surprised by several aspects of Hawaii. I always like to read and hear what first time Hawaii visitors think of their trip to the Aloha State. So when ... Read More »

Punaluu Beach — A Big Island Black Sand Beauty

On the southeast coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, you’ll find a picture perfect black sand beach at Punaluu. Here, the black sand seems to intensify all the surrounding natural colors. It’s an eye pleaser, for sure! This black sand beauty is easy to access without a hike, unlike some others on the island. Punaluu is located directly in between Hilo ... Read More »

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