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Aloha Friday Photo: Waikiki Sunset Panorama

Today’s Aloha Friday photo comes to us from a good friend and Oahu resident, Dave. He took this Waikiki panorama photo with with his iphone. He needs to hang on to that iphone because it takes very good quality photos. You may recall, Dave provided this Aloha Friday Photo that was also the product of his iphone. I need Dave’s ... Read More »

Talk Story In Hawaii For Real Treat

People in Hawaii love to chat — so much so that they have a special term for it called talk story. If you have the chance to talk story when you are in Hawaii, seize it! Take the time to enjoy the conversation and learn about local life. You’ll likely come away feeling that your vacation just got a bit ... Read More »

Where’s the Rain in Rainbow Falls?

On a recent visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, I returned to see Rainbow Falls near Hilo. Well, I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was barely a trickle of water cascading down the waterfall. I’ll show you what I mean. Here’s a photo of Rainbow Falls from our visit in January, 2010. Now, here’s a photo ... Read More »

Try a Refreshing Glass of POG

When you visit Hawaii, you may see or hear of a beverage called POG. It’s pronounced like fog, but with a P. This strange-sounding beverage is a mixture of passion fruit, orange, and guava juices. In other words, it’s glass full of delicious. In Hawaii, you’ll find POG  in places like resort breakfast buffets and  in grocery stores. If you ... Read More »

Get Go Visit Hawaii’s Vacation Advice on Your iPhone or Blackberry!

When I’m not taking photographs for Sheila’s awesome Hawaii vacation articles, I’m busy behind the scenes working on improving your experience while reading Go Visit Hawaii. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the recent improvements we’ve made to the homepage and, joined the Go Visit Hawaii Facebook community. That’s all great, but what about when you’re actually on your Hawaiian vacation? What if ... Read More »

Aloha Friday Photo: Lahaina Sunset

Aren’t the colors of this Maui sunset amazing? It seems that I typically see a combination of purples, pinks and reds or a mix of oranges, yellows and reds in Hawaii sunsets, but not both combinations at the same time. This sunset has just about every color of the rainbow. This Aloha Friday photo comes to us from Teresa Caseltine ... Read More »

Protect Hawaii’s Environment with a Double Duty Beach Bag

Happy Earth Day! Since the purpose of this day is to highlight ways to protect the environment, let’s look at one simple tip that is not only eco-friendly, it’s very practical for Hawaii vacationers, too. When you travel to Hawaii, bring one or two of your reusable shopping bags. Use these bags to: carry your vacation groceries carry your souvenirs ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals & News: April 21, 2010

April showers bring May flowers….and Hawaii deals, too. Here’s what’s on our radar today. * Hawaiian Airlines has a  fare sale to Maui from the West Coast . Round-trip fares start at $378 plus taxes and fees. You must book before April 29. Here are the applicable travel dates and routes: Seattle/Maui: now though November 18, 2010 Portland/Maui: now through ... Read More »

Alelele Falls on Maui’s Road to Hana

Who’s up for some adventure in a rainforest? How does a short hike to see a 50-foot waterfall sound? Let’s do it! Along  the road to Hana, you can find an abundance of waterfalls. Some waterfalls are visible from the road while many others require a short hike. Alelele Falls is one of those waterfalls requiring a short hike of ... Read More »

Most Unique Places to Stay in Hawaii

The islands of Aloha are filled with the amazing scenery of volcanoes, rainforests and beaches that you’ll want to permanently etch in your memory bank. With those sort of sights combined with the remote location of Hawaii and the Polynesian culture, I think we can all agree that Hawaii is a very special and unique place to visit. Within the ... Read More »

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