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(Re)Visiting Kauai’s Famous Blowhole — Spouting Horn

Here’s a blast from the past post that features one of the most impressive blowholes in all of Hawaii — Spouting Horn. (This post, Kauai’s Spouting Horn, was originally published August 2007.)  Spouting Horn really is one of the top sights you should see on your Kauai vacation I hope you won’t miss seeing it when you visit the Garden ... Read More »

When Lava Meets the Road

You’ve heard of the expression, when the rubber meets the road. Well, what happens when hot lava meets the road? Just watch this outstanding video of a fresh lava flow on a section of Highway 130 on the Big Island of Hawaii. Isn’t it incredible that the lava burns the asphalt with such ease? There’s no way a speed bump ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals & News Roundup: October 28, 2009

* A brand new zip line is due to open on the Big Island in November. Zip Isle will be the first zip line adventure tour to open on the Big Island. From their Web site, it appears that they’ll begin operating November 23rd and the rate is $87 per person. Zip Isle is located northwest of Hilo at the ... Read More »

Outrigger Canoeing in Hawaii – Insights from a Paddler

Go Visit Hawaii is blessed with some talented, and may I add, extremely cool readers. One such reader is Oahu resident Monica Salter. Guess what she does for fun and exercise? She’s a member of an outrigger canoe club that competes in races. She and her team, Outrigger Canoe Club,  recently competed in the “Olympics of paddling”, the Molokai to ... Read More »

Where to Find Oahu Vacation Maps

It’s a good idea to start getting familiar with the geography and streets of Oahu before your feet touch the island ground. Where do you find a useful Oahu map? Here are eight resources to help you find your way around Oahu. 1. Download or order your free Oahu vacation planner from the Oahu Visitors Bureau. From this link you’ll ... Read More »

Hawaii Vacation Deals & News Roundup: October 22, 2009

Here’s what I’m hearing from our fine feathered friends today. * The humpback whales are back in Hawaii! Per the Maui News, there were several reports of humpback whale sightings on Tuesday, October 20th. Woohoo! (H/T therightblue) * From twitter, the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Oahu’s Waikiki Beach is offering a 72-hour sale that started yesterday. With this sale, you ... Read More »

Oahu Restaurant Off the Beaten Path – Nico’s Pier 38

Do you love Hawaiian fresh fish at very reasonable prices? If so, you’ll love Nico’s Pier 38 in Honolulu. This restaurant is a bit off the beaten tourist’s path, but worth the effort to get there for its ‘ono food. Nico’s Pier 38 serves lunch and dinner Monday – Saturday and lunch only on Sundays.  You can review their menu ... Read More »

Is Winter a good time to go to Hawaii?

I sometimes see and hear people asking if winter is a good or bad time to go to Hawaii. I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Hawaii in all four seasons and each season is great – even winter. Here are three excellent reasons why winter is a definitely a good time to visit Hawaii. 1.  Hawaii’s Winter Weather is Wonderfully ... Read More »

What Humpback Whales Do When They Aren’t in Hawaii

Most any day now, I expect we’ll hear the news of the first sighting of humpback whales arrival to the Hawaiian Islands. Last year we had a fun contest to predict the first sighting which was on October 8th. The previous year the first humpback spotted was on October 7 and in 2006, it was October 11th.  Here we are ... Read More »

Two Inter-Island Airlines Enter Joint-Venture

This week, Mokulele Airlines and go! Airlines have agreed to join efforts as inter-island air carriers. After combining, go! Mokulele will become the second largest inter-island carrier behind the leader, Hawaiian Airlines. You can read the full announcement here. If you have tickets booked on either go! or Mokulele, you probably won’t notice much of a difference, at least initially. ... Read More »

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